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I was looking for the Niel Young album Greendale but the torrent I found were either seedless or had less that a handful of seeders. Then I stumbled across this gem with 19 Neil Young albums including Greendale with 93 seeders. The Greendale album/tour tells the story about the town of Greendale and it's residents. The album is a ballad in which each song progressively tells tells the story of this town and the inhabitants. On the tour the stage crew was part of the show. They all acted out the parts of the story each song told as Neil Young and Crazy Horse played the songs with the band and the crew on stage together complete with staging, props and even costumes for the stage crew. Quoted below are some excerpts of Niel Young's monologues from the tour which he delivered between the various songs to keep the audience involved in this story.
Song: Double E

Most of these songs are about people who live in a town called Greendale. Actually, a lot of them are about the Green family: Edith and Earl Green, who live outside Greendale in a ranch called the Double E Rancho with their beautiful young daughter, Sun Green. S-U-N Green. Names are funny in the Green family. Ciela Green was the grandmother of Sun. She had two daughters by two different brothers. One of their names was Sea - S-E-A - and the other one was Sky Green.
Sun is a very artistic girl. She wants to be a performance artist. She's doing her homework, working on a book report on a book that she's very interested in, called "How to Use the Media." She's also working on an essay on saving Alaska, the wilderness. The last wilderness - in the U.S., that is. Earl Green is a painter, and he is a Vietnam War veteran. He paints psychedelic paintings. He's been painting them for 35 years. He paints a lot of paintings, and he doesn't sell very many. He hasn't hardly sold any, actually. But Sun loves her dad's paintings, and she stops by every night to check them out and see what he's doing in the studio before they go home for dinner. And she watches what he's doing every day when she comes in from the fields. She's working on her own project. It involves a lot of hay bales that she personally loads on the back of her flatbed truck and drives out onto the hillside and takes them off the flatbed. And then she takes them out into the field and does something with 'em. It's not finished yet.
Edith is a beautiful lady. She's got a lot of soul. She loves to dance, she loves to have a good time. She's really the life of the family. Sun likes to dance too. Actually, when they're not home she dances, and it gets a little dangerous because she eats the whole house up. She starts to go into double time and triple time, and almost disappears inside herself when she's dancing.

Song: Devil's Sidewalk

Speaking of Greendale, in town's not like the Double E, it's not mellow like it is out in the country. There's a lot going on in town, even though it's only 25,000 people and it's not a very big place at all. But in the jail, Satan is living there. That really is - I don't know if it's unusual or not, but he lives there. He comes and goes as he pleases, of course. There's no problem walking through walls or anything like that. Knowing that, Captain John Green, he's down at the harbor in his boat. He's a relative of the Greens but he never goes into town, he will never set foot in Greendale. He's telling his crew, two young guys ('cause he's an old fart, he's really old) he's telling his 19-year-old crew, the helmsman and the mate, giving them some advice, I guess you could say, passing on information.

There's a jail in Greendale. It's been there since 1911. That's an old building by American standards. Also, Satan has been living in the jail since 1911. He's basically been having his way with Greendale, although there's proof that he escapes Greendale quite consistently and travels throughout the world. He's not restricted to the jail, he just likes it there. He can walk through the walls or through the front door, melt through the bars. He really does whatever he wants to do - including making fun of the inmates, which is one of his great pastimes. You get busted and thrown in that jail and you're in for quite a trip. Sometimes people see the devil in store windows, reflections of him behind them, looking over their shoulders as they look in at the wares that are available. Then they'll look around and he won't be there.
Now Greendale is a coastal town with a beautiful harbor. And down at the old end of the harbor there's a dilapidated pier that is condemned. And at the end of that pier, there's a little shack, and it says "Fish" on the shack. Of course nobody goes out there because you're not supposed to. It's condemned. The new dock is about half a mile away and it's beautiful, built out of cement and plastic. It's blue and gray, and it will be there forever.
Captain John Green has a sailboat that he keeps right near the end of the condemned dock. And he never goes into Greendale. He sends his crew in for him. Captain Green is about 75 - he's Grandpa's brother. His crew's about 19, a couple of kids: a helmsman and a mate. And he's sending them into Greendale to get supplies and warning them not to spend too much time there, to come right back as soon as they get what they need.

Song: Leave the Driving

On the very edge of Greendale, there's a sign that says "Leaving Greendale." It's on the edge of the highway. About a hundred yards from that sign there's a big billboard put up by the Greendale Chamber of Commerce. That's where Officer Carmichael likes to park his police cruiser. One night Jed is driving his Lincoln down the old Coast Highway, speeding, with no brake lights, and Officer Carmichael noticed him. This is a story of how one stupid move can change your whole life.

Well, Satan has a way of showing up anywhere he wants, like I said. And one day Jed was driving his Lincoln towards the Greendale city limit. And there's a map of Greendale that shows exactly where this spot is. Of course the map ends right there. There's nothing beyond Greendale on the map. As Jed went flying by this place, where there's a sign that says "Leaving Greendale," he was spotted by Officer Carmichael at about 85 miles an hour, with no brake lights.

Song: Carmichael

I think it would be unconscionable at this point to just forget about Officer Carmichael like that. Here we have a police officer, you know? What do you think, he's an animal or something? He was a person. He just got shot. Jed shot a cop and he's in jail. But I will eventually get to what you're looking for.
And you know, Officer Carmichael was quite a guy, really. He had a beautiful wife, some good friends, fellow police officers.

So Jed went to jail. He's in jail. He screwed up. He's had it. I don't think they're gonna get him. I took note of that comment over there. This is a test. I don't know if I'm gonna pass it or not. But I already passed that Cortez test. I'd like to take it again someday - maybe today. But for a minute I'd just like to stay in Greendale because Jed's in jail (thank you). Jed is in jail. Go back in your homes and close your doors. Okay. What about the wreckage of murder? It's terrible. Jed killed a cop. And that's a bummer right there, because Carmichael - Officer Carmichael - had a family, he had friends. He had a beautiful wife. He didn't have any kids, but he did have a nice group of friends, all the other officers who worked with him. He had a story to tell, but he's not around anymore, so I'll tell you a little bit about him and that's it. It's not worth it to spend too much time on him, since he doesn't have a future.

Song: Bandit

Well, when I was writing these songs, I was pretty amazed that I was writing songs that had characters in them that kept coming back. I'd never done that before. It reminded me of my dad. 'Cause my dad's a writer, and he'd written a lot of books. And this is kind of like a book, so I thought, "Oh, all right. That's what I'm doing." When I write a song, you don't know what you're doing. If you're really writing, you're not thinking. You've just gotta be there and be open until things comes out. So I was always surprised by the events that happened, as they unfolded. Because we would record the songs right after I wrote them, which is the way I like to do it. I would write one and then we'd record it.
During the instrumentals in these songs, though, there's no words. And a lot of things happen during the instrumentals. For instance, during the instrumental, suddenly the devil appeared in Earl's studio one night and cleaned Earl's glasses. He came up and he took them in his hands and Hahhhhhh - and cleaned them off with his jacket, nice red jacket he had. He cleaned those glasses really clean, probably the cleanest glasses in the world. 'Cause the devil's meticulous with his work. The next day, Earl came in and started painting. He painted a person. It was the first actual body that he'd ever painted. And it was a guy in a red suit with a Panama hat with a red hatband, holding a sign that said "Alaska." And he was hitchhiking, had his thumb out. Earl was shocked, he'd never done anything like that before.
But Earl's always wanted to sell paintings, so he took the painting down to the Gallery L in Greendale and showed it to Lenore, who owns the gallery. And Lenore loved this painting. This was the greatest painting she'd ever seen. She took it and she put it right in the most prominent part of the gallery and told Earl, "Just bring in anything you paint that's like this, anything you want. Just keep bringing it in and I'll take it." So Earl was amazed and shocked. It was a life experience for him to have such acceptance - although I think when he looked at the painting, he really thought, "Well, this is okay, but I don't know what it is. It's not as good as my other paintings, really, all the faces and the depth. You can look at my other paintings for a long time and never see all of it, just keep looking into it. Look at it with the sun on it, look at it in the dark. But this painting is just right in your face, so maybe people like things that they can understand right away." Anyway, he was happy and he felt acceptance.
And just the night before that, he'd been very depressed. He'd stopped in a motel in Greendale. He was there with his Winnebago full of paintings he'd been taking around to galleries, trying to sell them unsuccessfully. So just the night before he painted the devil's picture he was probably at the low point of his life, sitting in a motel with his laptop computer, trying to get on the Internet, seeing if there was anywhere he could sell his paintings on the Internet, any openings. And he was watching a little TV and talking on the phone some to Edith, and Lenore called him and talked to him, wondered how he was doin'. This tune here is about Earl's night in the motel.

I'm 57, I don't go that fast. I believe that a pause is in order every once in a while. And I'd like to tell you a little more about Earl Green. As you know, Earl is a painter who never sold any paintings. And one day - or maybe it was night, I don't know - the devil showed up in Earl's studio. He came in, he looked around, and he went over and picked up Earl's glasses. And he cleaned his glasses. He picked 'em up and went Hahhhhhhhhh and he polished them with his red jacket. 'Cause the devil is a very dapper-looking guy. He had patent leather red shoes and a red jacket and a nice Panama hat with a red hatband. Very sharp. So he polished up Earl's glasses. They were the cleanest glasses in the world, beyond a doubt. There wasn't a speck of anything on them. He put them back down and put a fresh canvas on Earl's easel.
A little later, Earl came into the studio, saw the canvas there and wondered about that. But he just picked up his glasses and figured he'd start a new painting. But this time he painted something he'd never seen before. He painted an actual form that you could recognize. Most of his paintings were so psychedelic that at first you just thought possibly he just spent four years drawing lines on it or something. Like I said, if you kept looking at them, a lot of things happened. But it seemed that this new painting was a picture of this guy in a red jacket and some red shoes on and a Panama hat with a red hatband, holding a sign that said "Alaska." And he was hitchhiking. Earl couldn't figure out where this came from. It was different from anything he'd ever done before. Sun came in, and she looked at it too. She didn't like it. She shook her head, she didn't enjoy looking at it like she did all his other paintings. But Earl just thought, "Well, I'll take it in and see what I can do with it at the gallery, maybe I'll take it in there."
So he took it in and he met Lenore at the gallery. She's the owner of the L Gallery. She loved the painting right away. She said, "Earl, this is the greatest thing you've ever done. This is phenomenal. This painting is a work of art. You are a true artist, this is just great. I'm putting this in the most prominent part of the gallery so everyone will see it when they come in. And if you ever paint any more paintings, just bring them right in here. I want everything you're doing from now on."
It was a huge change of pace for Earl, after 30 years of painting and never selling a painting and never even being able to hardly get one in a gallery. And as a matter of fact, just the night before Earl had been probably at the low point of his life. He was so depressed about not being able to sell that he didn't want to go home. So he decided to stay in a motel. He took his laptop in there and he turned on the TV and he plugged in his laptop, started checking out the Internet, seeing if there was any way he could get rid of his paintings on the Internet or anything he could do. But on his mind was all bad thoughts, negative thinking. He was thinking he was a failure, started remembering some of the things that he'd tried to forget about.

Song: Grandpa's Interview

Well, Sun was finally finished. She'd created what she thought was a fine work of art that had a message. And she was sitting on the back of her truck watching an airliner fly by at about 5,000 feet on its way to land in the city. She was wondering what her art looked like from the window of one of those planes. She had created a huge circle on the side of a hill - this beautiful green hill - in straw, which are two great colors that go together just beautifully. A beautiful circle about 200 feet across with "WAR" written right in the middle of it, W-A-R, with a big straw line right through the middle of it. She figured you could probably see it for miles. And all the people on the airplane could read it when they were landing. That was her statement. She was feeling really good, very positive about herself and about the fact that she was able to create something like that. She wanted to show it to Earl, see what he thought. But first she went into town, to visit Jed in jail and see how he was doing.
That morning at the same time that she was finishing her crop sign, Grandma and Grandpa woke up in town - 'cause they live in town in a little house. They spend a lot of time at the Double E, but they live in town. They were having breakfast and they noticed a noise outside and they looked outside. There were people with cameras and lights, microphones, generators and vans. Then the house started shaking - there was a helicopter right over the house. The media was outside their house and surrounded it. Grandpa looked out and figured out that they wanted to do a special on Jed and the Green family: Jed Green the cop killer. So they got in the Eldorado in the garage and they went out the back and they took off and left them all there and went towards the Double E. Grandma was driving. She drives really fast, especially on the back roads. It hadn't rained in a few days, and you could see the trail of dust for about half a mile behind the car as they sped through the fields towards the Double E.
Grandpa was looking forward to seeing Sun because he loved his granddaughter. He was very proud of her. He was disappointed to find that she'd gone into town to visit Jed in jail. So Grandma left him there at the Double E and then she went back into town to see Great Grandma and pick up some food that Great Grandma had made especially for Grandpa. Great Grandma is 104. She's a Scotch-drinking, cigarette-smoking kind of a tyrant in the family, and almost totally blind. But she can see well enough.

Well by now, everybody's sure Jed Green is a cop killer. He's bad, they've already written him off. He's in jail - but the media really wants to talk to the Green family. Let's do a special! We'll get Grandpa on the porch and he'll tell us all about Jed. We can watch on the TV and maybe they can get the whole family on, interview everybody. They do that a lot. Somebody dies, immediately go to the family, Hey, how does that feel? Does that bother you? Some soldier gets blown up by something somewhere, they surround his house back in the States. They wanna know what the family thinks. Everybody wants to know. Like reality TV, one step beyond.
So Grandpa had to leave downtown Greendale. It wasn't very big, but there were so many media vans and helicopters and people and everything around their house in Greendale that they had to leave. And go to the Double E, hide out for a while. Grandpa was pretty excited to get down there and see Sun. He was really proud of her, she was such a beautiful kid. But she wasn't there when he got there, she went in to town to visit Jed in jail, talk to him a bit.

Song: Bring Down Dinner

Well, when Grandpa died, that really was - at the studio there, we were kind of bummed out when that happened. Because I'd been writing these songs for a couple of weeks, and every day I'd come in with a new song. I had no idea what I was doing. I'd never written songs with characters in them - at least not two in a row with the same characters. So we kinda watched it unfold in the studio, and we got attached to some of these characters. And we used to talk about 'em like they were real. And I didn't know where they came from - it's not like I think them up; they just kind of happen if you're ready. So I try to be ready, and I write down whatever happens. 'Cause when I was a little kid, I used to go up into the attic and watch my dad write. He wrote about 40 novels. He wrote a lot of books. And he used to be pounding his typewriter up there. I was just about 3 or 4 years old and I went up there and I looked at him and said, "What're you doing?" He turned around and looked at me and said, "I'm writing." I said, "Well, what're you writing?" He said, "I don't know. I just write. If I come up here and I start writing, things come out." I didn't understand that. But years later I'm thinking to myself, "Well, now I'm doing what he did. I'm writing a story - it's a book, but it's songs. I'm a singer. So that's okay, you can do this."
But when Grandpa died - well, he was my favorite character. I'm gonna have another drink. Here's to you, Grandpa, wherever you are. So after that, I didn't write any songs for a couple of days, and we were wondering if it was over. But then I woke up one morning and I thought, "Where's Grandma? What's happening?" And then on my way over to the studio I stopped a couple of times in my car, as is my habit, just sit there for a while. I find if I stop somewhere, I might write something. When I stop writing, I just move on to the next place and stop there and look around, and pretty soon I'm writing again. So that morning I got over to the studio and we did this one here.

Song: Sun Green

Well, they had a wake for Grandpa. They put him in a chair in the living room. All his friends came by and started talking to him. Everybody said what they wanted to say. As per Grandpa's instructions, the funeral home used all their oldest cars. Brought them in front of the Double E and they were all there: old '50s American cars, whitewalls, black cars. The next day Sun Green got up and packed her bags and left home.

Song: Be the Rain

Earth Brown had an Alaskan camper. I don't know if you know what that is, but it's a funky little camper that fits on the back of a pickup truck. You can jack it up, it's like a little house that goes up. You go inside and you can sleep and stand up, then you come out in the morning and you let the air out and phhhhhhht, it comes down. They had an old truck, and it was a funky old Alaskan camper. He and Sun took off, up towards Alaska on their mission. But not before they went and saw Sun's crop sign that she made on the side of a hill: a huge "No War" in hay, a giant circle a hundred feet across with "WAR" written and a big line through it. She went there and showed that to Earth, and then they got in the camper and took off to Alaska. And then she fell asleep. She started dreaming.

When Earth Brown was watching Sun dance, he thought she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. And she probably was. He was captivated, couldn't take his eyes off her. While he was watching her, the devil slipped up beside him and put some devil dust in his drink. Earth was just drinking some Alaska water. But from that moment on, he could never get enough to drink. He was thirsty all the time. He needed more and more water. He stopped at the convenience store and picked up a couple of boxes full of water, put 'em in the back of the camper and headed north on Highway 1, towards Alaska. But Earth was starting to sweat and thinking about what route to take, and thinking it over and always second-guessing himself and wondering if he was being followed, and very suspicious about every little sound that came out of the motor, like the thing was gonna break down. Every possible thing that he could worry about he was worried about, over and over again. He couldn't stop. Meanwhile, he's drinking all the time and sweating, flying down the road about 80 miles an hour in his Alaskan camper. And there was a red glow coming out of the back of the camper. It looked like he'd picked up a visitor on the way somehow.
And Sun was asleep on his shoulder, just as beautiful and content and peaceful as could be. She was dreaming. She was dreaming that she was still in high school. She was in a high school play. There was a cardboard house on the stage, looked just like the Double E. And on the porch there was a big rocking chair, with Grandpa sitting in it reading the paper. And on the other side of the stage there was a cardboard jail. Jed was sitting there with Carmichael, and they were talking about something. Sun's cat walked across the stage. The cheerleaders came out, but they were all dressed in camouflage, not the Greendale outfits they usually wore for the Fighting Demons games that they went to. Sun looked at herself, and she was wearing camouflage also. Torn camouflage, war paint on their faces, bandanas. The Imitators started playing.

This torrent contains the above featured work and 18 other albums by Neil Young including the timeless classic Decade.

Neil Young - Discography - 19 Albums
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OK, not truly a 'discography' - but close enough . . . ____________________________ Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Freedom Greatest Hits Greendale Harvest Harvest Moon Live Rust Living With War Neil Young Unplugged On The Beach Prairie Wind Ragged Glory Rust Never Sleeps (Live) Silver & Gold Sleeps With Angels Tonight's The Night Unknown Album Weld (Disc 1) Weld (Disc 2) (Live) After The Goldrush Decade [Disc 1] Decade [Disc 2]

Here is another Niel Young torrent containing 64 albums with 34 seeders.

Details for Neil Young 64 Albums

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Neil Young:

Neil Percival Young,[4] OC,[5] OM[6] (born November 12, 1945) is a Canadian singer-songwriter who is widely regarded as one of the most influential musicians of his generation.[7] Young began performing as a solo artist in Canada in 1960, before moving to California in 1966, where he co-founded the band Buffalo Springfield along with Stephen Stills and Richie Furay, and later joined Crosby, Stills & Nash as a fourth member in 1969. He forged a successful and acclaimed solo career, releasing his first album in 1968; his career has since spanned over 40 years and 34 studio albums, with a continual and uncompromising exploration of musical styles.[7] The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website describes Young as "one of rock and roll’s greatest songwriters and performers".[8] He has been inducted into the Hall of Fame twice: first as a solo artist in 1995, and second as a member of Buffalo Springfield in 1997.[9]

Young's work is characterized by his distinctive guitar work, deeply personal lyrics[10][11][12] and signature falsetto/tenor singing voice.[13][14] Although he accompanies himself on several different instruments, including piano and harmonica, his idiosyncratic electric and clawhammer acoustic guitar playing are the defining characteristics of a varyingly ragged and melodic sound. While Young has experimented with differing music styles, including swing and electronic music throughout a varied career, his best known work usually falls into two primary styles: acoustic folk and country rock, or amplified hard rock in collaboration with the band Crazy Horse. Young has also adopted elements from newer styles such as alternative rock and grunge. His influence on the latter caused some to dub him the "Godfather of Grunge".[15]

Young has directed (or co-directed) a number of films using the pseudonym Bernard Shakey, including Journey Through the Past (1973), Rust Never Sleeps (1979), Human Highway (1982), Greendale (2003), and CSNY/Déjà Vu (2008). He is currently working on a documentary about electric car technology, tentatively titled Linc/Volt. The project involves a 1959 Lincoln Continental converted to hybrid technology, which Young plans to drive to Washington, D.C. as an environmentalist example to lawmakers there.[16]

Young is an outspoken advocate for environmental issues and the welfare of small farmers, having co-founded in 1985 the benefit concert Farm Aid. In 1986, Young helped found The Bridge School,[17] an educational organization for children with severe verbal and physical disabilities, and its annual supporting Bridge School Benefit concerts, together with his wife Pegi Young (née Morton). Young has three children: sons Zeke (born during his relationship with actress Carrie Snodgress) and Ben, who were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and daughter Amber Jean who, like Young himself, has epilepsy. Young lives on his ranch in La Honda, California. Although he has lived in northern California since the 1970s and sings as frequently about U.S. themes and subjects as he does about his native country, he retains Canadian citizenship, having no desire to relinquish it.[18] On July 14, 2006, Young was awarded the Order of Manitoba,[6] and on December 30, 2009, was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.[5]

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There is also a movie made by Neil Young called Greendale The Movie but the best I could find for it was a torrent with only two seeders. So if anyone who is interested in this has a better source for the movie please post it ITT.

Details for NEIL YOUNG - Greendale The Movie 2004 - DVD9

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Full DVD9 rip.
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Enjoy Niel Young fans...


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    I saw the Greendale tour in Philly and had a legal copy of the DC/DVD for Greendale but my Shepard ate it 3 1/2 years ago when he was 6 months old :(
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