John Flanagan: Ranger's Apprentice [Book 1-12] [Audio Books, Download]

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Just taking a short break to inform everyone that NEVER TO LISTEN TO THIS BOOK. It's just too damn good as an audio book. With it's Light fantasy atmosphere and interesting characters it's fairly hard to get over this book, plus they're 12 in total. I am right now on Book 5 and I having a hard time keeping myself away from these books. They're literally hard to put down. It's like a drug that you just can't get over with and you just need to keep on reading and in this case listening.

So, far these books are amazing in almost everywhere, I can predict them and for a long time, I haven't found series that had me this much fucked up, the sad part is, I enjoy listening to the books. I might do a review based on each book but frankly the Internet is full of them but I will say this, these books are really interesting and may or may not appeal to you. If you like war, action and a bit realistic writing you will love this series.

Audio Books Download [1-10]


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    Rough outline on plot.. Or it didn't happen
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    Rough outline on plot.. Or it didn't happen

    It's basically a story about a group of orphans who grow up but the story focuses on Will who is an orphan and becomes a Ranger. The rest of the books mainly focus on different adventures. It's pretty hard to explain in detail right now but I will give a better review later.
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