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never done a poll


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    I would step back and take a deep breath before doing what we both know you are about to try. Let me put it very simply, the poll will not last 60 seconds and it will be the last poll first and last poll you create in this community. You approached me via PM about this and I advised against it. Your fate in this community is in your own hands at this point. I will not stop you from pulling the trigger but know that the barrel is aimed straight at your head and I will be happy to do my job and bury your corpse.
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    Hey dude im legit.

    If people dont want me here i'll leave - but please leave the poll to be the decider.

    Background: I pm'd TDR to give him the heads up that i was going to make a poll because im getting mixed messages about how my contribution is apprecciated here.
    The stipulation being that if i lost the poll i would leave and never return.

    I normally dont PM because i prefer transparency
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    The community does not run this site the staff and admins do. See you next month.
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    Sammich sammich sammich - Great contribution TDR.

    I remember you dude.
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    I will play call of duty again when they take development seriously with a new engine. I'm tired of the same thing every 8 months for the past 4 years. They may have added a few new things but I'm not impressed. Call of duty is going the way of guitar hero and tony hawk

    Going the way of some of the most successful game franchises ay?

    Im sure that just makes their blood boil with rage.
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    married for 11 years twice

    What happens at 11 years that leads to divorce?
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    xbcnfujv wrote: »
    i wish i could edit the subject to, "metal head faggots".

    What was the subject initally?
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