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New York man arrested suspected of bomb plot

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This all seems a tad too convenient. Firstly, no details of the individual, secondly another great way to control people into believing Terrorism is still a thread, and thirdly he had the crappy Inspire magazine article. Is that it? He could get better shit off other *cough* sources! He was making a match-head pipe bomb, for fucks sake.

A resident of New York has been arrested on suspicion of planning to bomb targets including police cars and postal offices, the city's mayor said.

Jose Pimentel, 27, was charged with terrorism-related offences, Michael Bloomberg said at a news conference in New York.
Mr Pimentel allegedly got instructions on how to build a pipe bomb from al-Qaeda's Inspire magazine, published by radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed by a US drone attack in Yemen in September.


"He talked about changing his name to Osama Hussein, to celebrate his heroes, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein," Commissioner Kelly said.

Mayor Bloomberg showed the news conference a video reconstruction of the impact of the devices Pimentel is alleged to have been planning to use.

The footage shows a car being destroyed by an explosion.

Source 2.


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    I want to one-up that guy and change my name to Adolf Stalin.

    How come these people can never get their bomb making instructions from Totse?
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    RemadE wrote: »
    secondly another great way to control people into believing Terrorism is still a thread

    i see wut u did thar.

    Yeah this does all seem to conveniently fit into place. There hasn't been a bombing in a while, which is obviously a good thing, but that doesn't mean we've just forgotten about. We know terrorism is still a thing, and we don't need something like this to push us along. :facepalm:
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    I saw this on the news. They even showed a "reconstruction" what the explosion would've done. It wouldn't killed anyone, and any 12 year old could've made something stronger.
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    ah fuck it. This kinda shit is going to happen for a long time to come. Every batshit insane person with a lighter and can or aerosol gas is going to call himself "Al-Qaeda".

    It's a good thing bush is gone or we would have gone into Mexico to eradicate Al-Qaeda.

    It just shows how little people understand the ME if they think Saddam Hussein and OBL are compatible. He basically cancelled himself out.
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    These headlines are how the feds keep the money coming in from the treasury.
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    It happens all the time in the UK, there's hardly a month goes by without an arrest.
    Counter-terrorism officers have arrested six men, with the authorities fearing a mass-casualty attack on the British mainland was at an "advanced stage" of planning, the Guardian has learned.

    The arrests were made in Birmingham, with six young men arrested on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts, with a 22-year-old woman arrested on suspicion of failing to disclose information.

    Police say the alleged plot, which they believe to be al-Qaida inspired, was thwarted after counter-terrorism officials received or developed intelligence about the men.

    The arrests took place from 11.30am on Sunday, with the last suspect detained at around 1am on Monday morning. The raids took place in several deprived areas of the city that have sizeable Muslim populations.

    The Liberal Democrat conference, which is taking place in Birmingham, was not a target.

    West Midlands police said they had led a "major counter-terrorism operation" which was intelligence-led. The operation involved the domestic security service, MI5, with officers from Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism command supporting the Birmingham-based force.

    The terrorist threat level for the UK remained at "substantial" after the arrests. It was lowered from the higher level of "severe" in July.

    The series of arrests, described as "significant", suggest the intelligence surrounding them is sufficient to meet the standards required for court evidence.

    Whitehall sources described it as a "major intelligence-led operation" and added that the latest arrests showed that the threat from extremist Islamist ideology had not evaporated despite the deaths of Bin Laden and other prominent al-Qaida individuals in recent US drone strikes on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

    Some past British counter-terrorism raids have seen the authorities embarrassed and have caused harm to community relations when intelligence turned out to be wrong. West Midlands police have tended to adopt a policy of releasing minimal information.

    Police say the arrests were made by unarmed officers, indicating there was no expectation of finding explosives or weapons at the addresses raided. Searches were continuing on Monday across Birmingham, where 14 addresses were being checked by officers. One car was seen being taken away.

    Police said they had seized computer equipment from the addresses and that these could take some time to examine.

    The six men were arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism in the UK. They were aged 25 to 32. All are British citizens and some are believed to be of Pakistani heritage.

    Police said they were arrested "at or in the vicinity of their home addresses". Counter-terrorism raids are usually conducted before dawn, as suspects are highly likely to be at home. The fact police moved when some were not at home, and the time the arrests were made, further suggests there was a rushed element to the raids.

    The usual police policy is to let suspected terrorist plots develop in order to gather evidence to gain convictions in the courts, balanced against the risk a plot may pose to public safety.

    The decision on what action should be taken is believed to have been made at an executive liaison group where police and MI5 meet to discuss major operations.

    Police also confirmed that a 22-year-old woman from Saltley, Birmingham, had been arrested at 6.30am on suspicion of failing to disclose information.

    West Midlands police said the "large-scale operation" had been running for some time and had been subject to regular review, adding that the action was necessary "in order to ensure public safety".

    Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale said: "As a result of one of those reviews yesterday we decided that the time was right and moved to make six arrests during the night, with a further one a few hours later."

    Beale added: "I fully understand that after a counter-terrorism operation of this size, the public will want to know more details about what we suspect may have been going on – and what has prompted us to take this action.

    "For us, once the key issue of public safety has been addressed – and it has been for this operation – the main thing is to do all we can to investigate the matter professionally, thoroughly and fairly."

    Speculation over potential targets or the identity of the suspects was "neither fair to them or to any judicial process which may or may not follow", he added.
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    Terrorist will be the Jew of the 21st century. Anyone who does not tow the line will be labeled as a terrorist and sent to camp.
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    Terrorist will be the Jew of the 21st century. Anyone who does not tow the line will be labeled as a terrorist and sent to camp.

    Fuckin' THIS. Also I had to laugh at his match bomb in the original news report. I mean, seriously? A match bomb? They simulated what would happen and the windows in a car blow out faster when I fart.
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