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Why are the numbers on a phone and a calculator reversed?


  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    I know right? I have bitched about that for years. Ten key by touch should be the same on both devices.
  • dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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    A technical item, like some kind of machining tool with a keyboard, a till and so on have the calculator layout, based on old fashioned counting machines. People could be sat at these all day long punching numbers in and so it was best that they were erganomically designed. They were designed so the higher valuess 1000's, 100's, 10's etc that would be the less used keys were at the top, so the operators hand was closer to the 1-9 numbers that they would use more often.

    Consumer products, like your TV remote, are usually configered in the keys like your telephone. They are set up to read like a book so even the most technolocially illiterate can use them. Then you meet people who cannot read...
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