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Weed brownies

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I'm making weed brownies for the first time. On my grandma recipe, I will need 1/3 cup vegetable oil. I am planning to substitute some of that with weed butter.

How much weed butter should I use just enough to get people high?


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    How many people?
    How strong is the weed?

    I wrote a guide here, but I'd say use a fair amount, so people can snack and adjust when needed as THC/CBD are a lot more potent when absorbed in the GI tract. Plus, full-fat butter, or the highest amount of fat you can get (I use 80%)
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    It's gonna be for 16 people. I'm not really sure about the weed as its not really mine.

    I was checking information on Google and apparently 14grams ( 1/2 oz) of weed should be good with 2/3 cup oil. Does that seem legit?
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    Too much is never enough.
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    Be careful or you might end up like this dude.
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    angryonion wrote: »
    Be careful or you might end up like this dude.

    Oh man that is timeless. All the weed should do for 16 as it's quite a few people. Make sure to strain as much butter out of it as possible and don't overcook it otherwise you'll end up vapourising the THC/CBD/etc. I'd do the butter in 2 equal lots to make sure you don't waste any. Take your time and never overcook things. Keep the butter simmering! Once you've mastered that, you're good to go with the brownies.
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    The product from using canabutter is more aesthetically pleasing, and the taste is better, but I just ran off a batch of some killer oat squares, so I'll pass on the method. I used a bagged oat muffin mix, one that was complete and required just water. I wanted them dense and flat, with a lot of fiber, so I added some brown sugar and molasses, and some scotch oats, and some bran. I used about 7 grams of decent but very dry trim, and wanted a yield of 9 squares.

    Instead of making butter I took the weed, put it in a pyrex measuring cup, and added the same amount of full fat condensed milk as the recipe called for water. Then I hit it with a high power hand blender. I mixed all of the above lightly, and baked it in a 6x9 cake pan, at a lower temp, and for longer than the recipe called for. Despite only having about .75g each, not even bud at that, they were pretty potent.

    I use the same method, the condensed milk and the hand blender, for making a ton of stuff. If you just take it and boil it slowly down to a paste you can make tea with it that will rip your head off. I know the conventional wisdom is that you have to use something with a very high fat content to strip the goodies off the weed, but I have found grinding it very fine in a liquid works quite well too, especially milk. There is a tea you can get in India called Bhang Lhassi, here is a link;http://www.indobase.com/recipes/details/bhang-lassi.php. Pretty legit site for a weed recipe! This also depends on milk and grinding to get the cannabidols to a state they can be absorbed.

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