How Horny Do You Have to Be To Do This

DfgDfg Admin
edited March 2012 in Life

I guess the dogs forced him into doing it but still...


  • bornkillerbornkiller Administrator In your girlfriends snatch
    edited March 2012
    Pretty fucking horny is my guess. because they're not the prettiest looking dogs in the world

    Better the dogs than some kid next door I suppose.
  • fagfag Regular
    edited March 2012
    Putting a whole new twist on the phrase 'Dog Pound'
  • SpinsterSpinster Regular
    edited March 2012
    meth probly has something to do with it
  • DirtySanchezDirtySanchez Regular
    edited March 2012
    You've gotta be one sick fuck to do this. In my opinion all deviants such as this should be summarily executed.
  • chippychippy <b style="color:pink;">Global Moderator</b>
    edited March 2012
    Yeah I agree, that is one fucked up, perverted, sick kid.
    However in reply to Sanchez, a knee jerk reaction like sumary execution is a tad extreme. What would you consider an appropriate punishment for drug abuse? Bearing in mind the damage done to society, family members, friends and dependants compared to the damage done to same by this kid? No one was killed or robbed, no one was putting their life on the line. Just a thought.
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