Rate my house design?

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Working up a home design that incorporates stucco-covered straw bales. Apparently the straw-bale type construction lends itself to extremely efficient heating/cooling, as well as being heavily sound-resistant. I've always been partial to outdoor observation decks, courtyards, and southwestern style homes. So Im making a place that incorporates these. :)

Despite it's daunting appearance, it's still a modest 2000' sq ft(not including garage or outdoor decks). I designed it with 2-4 residents in mind, however this would be a pretty awesome house for entertaining guests. This is a very ugly render..I've not worked with this program much at all. At this stage, mostly looking for input on the layout and whatnot. I don't know how to get higher res printouts of the floorplan, but you should be able to get the jist of it.



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    From the eyes of an absolutely inexperienced person, it looks awesome. I certainly agree that it would be great for entertaining guests in, the way your rooms are laid out is spot on :D
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    The downstairs bedroom is too far away from the bathroom. Where are the kitchen and dining area's?
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    I would suggest looking for house models, look for the most logical design and go with that, also you need to consider selling your house or renting it in near future, so make sure you plan it ahead. I love the idea of open spaces.
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    My program crashed and I lost all. :(

    It's not really that far of a walk..It's probably 15 paces from the downstairs bedroom to the bathroom. However, I think Im going to change it up a bit, and switch it to single story, with the courtyard surrounded on three sides.
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    I really like it, it's similar to the design I recently made with chief architect, except I added a third story that was a small circular tower with a spiral staircase. I love the idea of a second story that is essentially a deck/accessible roof tops.
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