DHS hires hackers to crack video game consoles.

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So apparently those fine folks at the Dept. of Homeland Security are at it again, this time they have awarded just over $177,000 dollars to a small California computer forensics firm Obscure Technologies to develop hardware and software tools to extract data exchanged online through gaming consoles, chat logs and the like I assume. According to the geniuses at homeland security this data could be pivotal in preventing the next terrorist attack. Allegedly any technology developed will only be used to spy on consoles outside of America. Of course we all know just how trustworthy these honest and upstanding folk are.
So there you have it folks, straight from Homeland Securities mouth, the next major terrorist attack brought to you via PS3 or Xbox 360.


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    Haha. Your tax dollars at work. You just know some DHS techie is sitting back on his ass playing video games for $70 an hour.
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