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Wearing Provocative Clothes Will Increase Your Chances of Getting Raped?

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<twoflower> It's about freedom of expression. Women shoulnt have to worry about what they wear.
<twoflower> To say they should is like giving in to the rapists
<twoflower> This is not my fight and I won't touch it. Gender issues are boring.
<twoflower> And sticky.
<twoflower> No point in talking in terms of statistics either.
<twoflower> This isnt a stats thing. This is a individual thing.

I will follow tf stance from now on.

If you can't handle reading something like this, I highly advice you to close this tab.

A clarification, you can't really tell what goes on in the minds of rapists but in this article I just stated what was going in the rapists minds whom I talked with.

Before you jump the gun and start raging mad about how rape isn't funny and how it's always guys fault for raping the girl and rapists will rape you regardless of what you wear arguments. Let me ask this, how many times have you raped someone or do you personally know a rapist or do you actually know what goes in the mind of a rapist or do actually know how guys think? Most women will always speculate about this and that and won't admit the simple facts. Men fuck things, period. We fuck things based on how horny we are and how much we enjoy doing it. It’s the reason why we cheat on you (although you being a bitch doesn’t really help relationship in a good way (goes both way btw)).

Now, I will admit I know some rapist IRL and on the Internet. These people are normal in every way. Seriously you can't really tell if they have molested someone in the past or if they forced themselves on others. It's quite difficult. The person sitting next to you could be a rapist and you wouldn't have a clue about it. Most men have rape fantasies; most women have rape fantasies as well. It only becomes a problem when people act upon it. One of the major contributors or catalysts in rape is drinking, provocation, sexual arousal, desperation & freedom.

Yes, I know this seems all wrong. Rapists don't care, they love to rape us women, we're like toys to them. They're just fucking animals. Not really, you're just too narrow-minded and a ignorant for thinking like that. You still have no effing clue how most men work. Each guy operates a bit differently, some like taking risks while others calculate everything. Just a little tidbit, it's quite possible your dad could be a rapist. You just don't know about it because again you can't spot a rapist.

Let's talk about these points in detail from a rapist point of view. We always talk about the victim and how it was awful and how he pointed a gun at me and told me to keep my mouth shut otherwise I will be dead. Which is quite awful to go through but you need to go back few steps and see how the events unfolded. This (Identity protected) rapist, who admitted to doing three girls in his life, admitted certain facts. First the girls attracted him sexually, secondly the girls were an easy target and most of all he saw an opportunity. Contrary to the popular belief most rapists do a lookout check. They do take advantage of an opportunity but in most cases they might stalk you for a while. Just to see how much risk they're taking.

The first victim he went after was purely because of uncontrollable sexual frustration and a damn crush. He told me how he would check her out and walk close to her and this is important, the one thing pushed him over was the dress she started wearing. Tight clothes that greatly enhanced her figure, that one final step was all the justification he needed. Funnily he took that as a sign from GOD, imagine that. So, he raped her but she couldn't identify the rapist because everything was hushed up after it.

Just another small proof that provocation actually does increase your chances, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't be a victim. Considering how he operated I am sure she would be a victim sooner or later. I am not here to prove anything or justify if rape is okay. I am trying to clear some air regarding this issue because every time I tried to raise this point, someone would get super mad at me and call me a moron. Yeah, I am moron for understanding how things work. Considering I do have a family to protect, I do try to keep abreast of these issues.

Anyway, this second guy I talked to was actually a tutor, now in his case the victim was tormented for a long time and she didn't tell anyone about it. He called it best fuck of his life; I called it rape because the girl never agreed to it. In his case, the clothes didn't matter. It was all about seeing more of her. Even though she covered herself well he was still circling around her. Again, the same thing happened. She wore slightly provocative clothes and that gave him the signal that she ready and she understands things.

Totally wrong justification but there you have it. I am not stopping girls from wearing bikini's and shorts and going naked in the Sun. I am just warning that you should consider the possibility of being a target. The popular girls always get the hot boys but she also gets tons of creeps after her. It's a give and take.

The Internet rapists were pure stalkers turned into rapist. They couldn't control the urge and were frustrated, in some cases the men just wanted to enjoy that fear and power factor that comes to fucking a girl while she is scared to death. Brutal but this is reality.

Can we reduce the chances of YOU getting raped?
The minute you're drunk you invite others to take advantage of you. It starts with some random padding and a grab here and there until the wild beast inside wants more. Keeping yourself NOT drunk and staying alert is your best bet. Add a simple self-defense course and you reduce your chances of getting fucked. Think of it this way, the rapists in the world won't vanish into thin air. They will always be there just waiting for the right chance. You better gear up and take the fight to them. Having a trusted buddy covering your back is a BIG plus.

Also, they’re girls on the Internet who have been raped in the past. And I met this girl; unfortunately she is as stubborn as a rock. This is another reason why I started really hating girls like her. What's wrong with keeping an open mind? Yeah, you got raped but hello we get fucked too. We don't close the door on discussion and stop learning about the reasons or fighting for it, some women just don't get it. Listen girls, if you want to stop getting raped and fucked, grow some balls, get a gun and take the fucker out because it's what we men would do if someone tried to fuck with us. Get it?

Sorry for this point of view, I usually don’t dive into these topics but sometimes I just get mad about things. Sure you can point me to the studies but what I wrote is real talk with the rapists not the victims. Victims have no clue what the hell happened because they’re the target. They’re not supposed to know what hit em. Girls, if you truly care about yourself, I highly suggest giving up drinking and keeping a lookout. Rape can be prevented; you just have to take some steps in the right direction.
The world we’re stepping into is full of violence, rape and murder. It’s time to get ready.


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    I agree with most of this.

    But if a rapist wants to rape somebody, they're going to look for every excuse in the book. "Oh, they looked at me in an arousing way". "If they didn't want it, how come they didn't fight back". etc.

    I mean, this is good advice here, such as keeping a lookout, of being in groups. While it's helpful and it has good intent, this is what most women already do in terms of protecting themselves. It's why we're always in groups- safety in numbers. It's why we stay near public places, to not go running when the sun is setting.

    And well, the problem with 'get a gun, shoot the fucker' is that some fuckers are always going to go 'it makes you just as bad as the rapist! As always, it's scary confronting something like that. The rapists- they're going to say "Oh, you were imagining it" "You didn't say no" "You enjoyed it" blah blah blah, whatever shit is coming from their fucking mouths. In the case of men, it's actually harder because of the fact that this belief that men can't be raped, they're stronger, they should've fought back, shit like that.

    And when people do fight back, even non-violently, some fucker is always gonna fuck you up. Like the girl who spread around the name of her rapists on Twitter, and their [rapists] lawyer was all "That might ruin their lives!" I mean, for example, we can think of ways to stop murder. But the best way is to teach people to not murder at all. Cause if someone wants to murder you, well, fuck, there's not a lot you can do. The only way rape can be prevented is that rapists shouldn't rape. If somebody feels like raping somebody, maybe they should just take the initiative and remove themselves from the person causing them to think in such a way.

    Shit, we're not mind readers.

    Fuck, women shouldn't have to give up the sanctity that is beer and wine and having a jolly good time because some assholes can't keep it in their pants. They're already doing the shit people told ourselves to keep us safe, like not drinking anything some guy gives you, dressing modestly, not talking to strange men, being in a group, etc. I can carry all of the test strips for roofies all I want when I go out, but if somebody is going to rape, they're gonna rape. :shrug:

    There's only so much a person can do. I mean, we could carry around machetes but then people would say we're being paranoid for living in a constant state of being alert. I think after a certain point, personal responsibility ends and the others actions come into play, obviously.

    But yeah, overall, I agree with what you're saying- and we should see it from the rapists point of view to better protect ourselves.

    It's women like you that restores my faith in humanity. Thank you. I tried this conversation on got tons of heat for it, even though my only intent was to help and reduce it. I mean sure it might seems I am adding restrictions but it's only because I care. Most men would support you and say, do it no will hurt you but the truth is they're not the ones getting raped. I wish there was a way to remove rapist but frankly it's quite hard. Also, I am really pissed at the girl sharing her rapist names on twitter restriction but again it's the law. There are subtle ways of getting the names out if you know what I mean. Plus, the funny thing is with so many occurances of rape doing on around the world, people are starting accept it as a part of the society.

    Most people think that the law of the land will protect them but that's not true, especially the direction we're going in. I just want that women take the first step in protecting themselves. That's all, if it means being a bit modest in shady places and being on their guard and thinking like an attacker, I don't see it a big price. I mean I know you understand my point of view cupcakes because you actually live in Pakistan and you know how men are here. Even though the chances of you getting raped are lower here but those stares are enough to send a cold chill.

    Again, women need to protect themselves, rapist are men and men can be injured and killed. Plus, honestly I am all for going nude but there are places where you should try it. Also, most rapists are opportunist, if you don't give them an opportunity you have a better chance. Again, even with this you won't be safe from rape but prevention is better than cure IMO.

    I do hope more women are open minded like you cupcakes. <3
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    I'm not so pissed at the girl. I mean, they were stupid enough to share the rape on Twitter- like showing it off. And at that point, when your degradation is being used as entertainment w/o your consent- well, she fought back non-violently. I mean, they should have thought about that shit before raping her, so.

    And yeah, I know what you mean about the stares in PK. It's well, chilling, to say the least. I think it's sort of odd, especially the whole men staring at you without the male acquaintance thing- obviously there's the difference 'oh, it's an expat' as opposed 'I think she's Pakistani, let's leer at her/ make remarks in Urdu (idiots...)'.
    It's odd because when you get to know a girl, y'know, y'all are super protective :p

    At this point, yeah, it's good to know how to protect yourself. I mean... it would be folly to not to. But hopefully, the next couple of generation will realize that no means no, women don't owe you shit because you decided to be a decent human and the same thing goes in reverse as well. The problem with self-defense is that you have women going in there thinking that they're going to be undefeatable- same thing with martial arts. In fact most people. And it irritates the crap out of me because at most, if it's a good school, if you train regularly, it's enough to condition your reaction to being hit, to having someone doing this to you, and getting away safely or living through it. If a guy's 6'5 and 200 pounds, then you're probably not going to get away easily if he's on top of you- at that point, you gotta realize fighting is slim, it's better to ease up and take it. Especially if he's violent.

    Of course, society needs to realize that fighting back isn't always biting and kicking. It's 'let's not do this right now' or, like in the example above, doing enough to survive the ordeal. I mean, I'm being very Eurocentric right now because that's what I'm familiar with- but how is rape viewed in PK?

    It's mostly hushed up, not many women talk about it openly, the victim suffers in silence.
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    More men get raped per year in the USA than Women (prison rapes). I still firmly believe that if you dress like a slag, shit will go down.
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