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Gun Control

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So this shit is the hot topic in American politics again in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, any thoughts or opinions?

I personally don't think stricter legislation on fire arms is the answer, and really resent the fact that the gun control crowd uses tragedies like opportunistic fucking parasites. I don't think you prevent a toon from finding a way to cause harm to himself or others, look at China, they have been dealing with a wave of mass stabbings. I mean what is to stop people building a home made bomb and taking out a building Oklahoma City style. The other argument I hear is that it will reduce gun crime, but the fact is that gun crime has plummeted since the 90's. They also love to forget the fact that in a comparison of mass shootings/attempted mass shootings when the shooting occurs in a "gun free zone" that on average 18 people are killed, however when it happens in areas where a civilian with concealed carry permit is present the numbers drop to an average of 2, including the fucking shooter.

I think though that there is idea in certain circles that you can ascribe moral characteristics to an inanimate object and the guns are inherently evil, this just isn't the case. I also find it particularly disturbing that they media has become such a fucking tool for political agendas, the anti gun bias fucking drips off of the coverage of these things.

Anyway, I lost my train of thought so I guess that is the end of my rant. Thoughts?


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    I used to have thoughts on this issue. Until I discovered I can't change it. They will either allow guns or they won't. I will either need a gun or I won't. If I need a gun i will have a gun.
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    Arkansan wrote: »
    Anyway, I lost my train of thought so I guess that is the end of my rant. Thoughts?

    Here's my 2 cents: if they want to curb these type of shootings, people need to be able to arm themselves. That's about the only thing that can stop it.

    As far as people having access to certain guns, I feel like if you were going to curtail it at all, you could possibly make a long waiting period for being able to have access assault weapons--kind've like a probationary liscense.

    I'd say somewhere in the range of a year or two. I'd feel much safer if me or somebody I was with--or another good samaritan-- had a gun when bullets started flying(especially if it was from an assault weapon).

    I can't understand how some people don't see that. You know, the whole attitude of:: OMG WTF BBQ HE HAS A GUN.

    You can't make evil illegal...that's the long and short of it.

    Think about columbine...the cops wouldn't even enter the building. Fuck that bullshit.
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