Killing terminally ill people for money

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  • BaconPieBaconPie Regular
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    Why would a terminally ill person pay you to kill them. If they wait it out, they can get the job done for free.

    It's Bad Ideas as in bad/evil not bad/crappy.
  • DaSkipperDaSkipper Regular
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    Ask them for their credit/debt cards and empty them shits. If their doing checks, go to their bank and just get cash for it. From what I'm told and my experiences, just go to their bank and ask for cash and they will not ask for ID at all. Maybe get multiple checks for it and every day just deposit each new check.
  • DysgraphiaDysgraphia Locked
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    I'll try it and post back results. :rolleyes:
  • Wires dead babyWires dead baby Acolyte
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    This idea is really just........bad. Cmon Shady, I've seen your threads on Zoklet, this sounds more like a troll thread than something you would actually suggest.
  • Hammer TankHammer Tank Regular
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    poison is a viable option, but that could attract unwanted attention. suffocation is good though. just hold the pillow over their face, they won't struggle that much.
  • Rumple ForeskinRumple Foreskin Regular
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    nicotine od. it usually looks like a heart attack. you could try that. i remember seeing a high percentage nicotine extraction guide here or on &Z
  • TripsitTripsit Semo-Regulars
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    This is by far the worst idea, in the bad ideas section.
    First of all, Your "2nd identity" would get traced back to you in a milli-fucking-second, If this were remotely 'workable' you would have to find some sort of way to get your way into their will or testament I would almost promise you that the conversation would not go smoothly when you asked to get paid to 'off' them..
  • jarkofjarkof Regular
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    Prolly one of the worst ideas that I have seen. Not even going to go light on it.
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    Its called Hospice and DRN. If someone wanted to die that bad they would talk to a family member about pulling the plug.

    OP is a cold sonabitch.
  • jarkofjarkof Regular
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    Agreed big time.
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