How to convince a bitch you can cook.

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Cook a meal you are comfortable cooking, something you know how to cook well, it could be mac and cheese with hot dogs in it, but then you got to ace the desert.

Buy decorators balloons, buy milk chocolate chips, buy wax paper, and paper plates.

then get a fudgey the whale cake, and raspberry sauce and gloves.

Use a metal bowl, and put that on top of a pot of boiling water, so the steam heats up the bottom of the bowl. Put chocolate chips in the bowl, let them melt, they will not burn because of the temperature water boils at. Blow up the balloon to the size that would fill a measuring cup. tie it off, and dip the bottom half in chocolate. Put it on wax paper, on a paper plate.

Put that shit in the fridge.

take your gloves and a bowl, and squish up the fudgey the whale cake.

take the balloons out, and put a pin through the top where the knot is, and let the air leak out. You will be left with a bowl made of chocolate.

Put the mushed up fudgey the whale cake in the bowls.

Then lightly pour out the raspberry sauce over the bowls back and forth making stripes.

Then chill all of this, and serve to her after your lame ass meal.

Tell her you made it all from scratch.

She will forget all about the mac and cheese and hot dogs and wrap her lips around your dick.

You can thank me later.


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