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Tarot came up a few times in another thread. I think the subject merits at least one thread.

It is a wonderfully useful tool, largely because there are so many different spreads. Most used is probably the Celtic cross, which is a ten-card spread (I think--it has been a while since I did one), but there are spreads which use fewer cards.

I usualy use the Crystal Oracle for readings, but when I use Tarot, I use the Robin Wood deck, which has a pagan flavor I like.

Other users?


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    I've got a Rider-Waite deck. I'm aware that the imagery isn't exactly accurate, but still it's not too bad for just getting a different perspective on shit using random imagery to trigger responses. I only use the Major Arcana when I want to do a "Reading" since I'm not exactly all that familiar with the Minor.
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    Just FYI, go here for a free online tarot reader, it's pretty good if you ask me:

    It uses a Crowley deck I believe.

    EDIT: Derp, how could I miss the big red letters that say "Crowley Thoth"?
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    I was talking to my wife last night--she said she has about fifty Tarot decks in her collection.
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