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Does anone here practice any? Ive got a karate background thats pretty worthless for self defense. I also wresled in high school. Im thinking of taking either Muay thai or BJJ. Leaning towards Muay Thai due to the focus on stand up.


  • NumberjumboNumberjumbo Regular
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    I've done Muay Thai and MMA but I'm currently just doing BJJ and boxing.
  • EbolaEbola Acolyte
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    Used to fence and have some experience with Ving Tsun and Latosa Escrima. Not very active at the moment tho...
  • DeadHamDeadHam Acolyte
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    Ive done BJJ, Muay Thai, and TKD.

    Tai Kwon Do sucked hard, it was very boring and seemed useless.

    Muay Thai was pretty badass, but painful training and, I dunno, I decided to focus on BJJ instead.

    BJJ is all the rage these days and for good reason. It's extremely fun, a great form of exercise, and mildly useful for self defense. You can go all out in training, but remain safe, which is a big PLUS.

    In the end, it all depends on the gym. A crappy gym (bad clientele, crappy instructors, far away, etc) will negate even the 'best' fighting style. An extremely good gym will make even the 'worst' martial art fun and useful.
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    Black Rose Kenpo. (American version of Chinese Kenpo.)

    Fast paced self defense, the option for sparring and tournament going, Katas, and a brief history of Kenpo. Through my 9 years in it, I enjoyed it. It may not seem practical at first, but give it time, I promise it is. I did about 6 years worth of touring and fighting which was fun and a good learning experience, which isn't light on your pockets if you were wondering. I walked away with 3 national titles, one world title and a few state. Not to mention an abundance of knowledge for a lifetime.
  • VirtusetVirtuset Semo-Regulars
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    A bit of muay thai in high school and some judo and jiu jitsu in college. I believe selecting the best "style" for you depends largely on your body type.

    I'm not very strong or athletic, but I'm tall and I have fairly good speed, thus kickboxing or something similar would probably be most ideal for me. Still, alot depends on how good your instructors are, and I still wouldn't mind practicing jiu jitsu because it is relatively injury free in training and it's always good to know how to fight on the ground. I'd like to continue jiu jitsu as just a casual thing.
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    Jeet Kune Do concepts, but I've dabbled in almost everything that you hear in common discourse. Muay Thai and Wing chun are probably my favorites but bujinkan ninjutsu is ever impressive.

    For the ground I've picked up some combat submission wrestling and basic judo and jiu jitsu, nothing fancy.
  • AzureAzure Acolyte
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    I was an alternate for the national team in full contact Karate a few years back, and year prior to that I had placed 3rd in the provincial championships for my age group. I've trained with a bunch of kickboxers, including Jean Therrault and the current Canadian WKA 70kg champion.
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    I've done an MMA stand up course, but now I do bjj and boxing.

    Wanna do thai boxing but there arent any good clubs near me
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    You know what they say about Karate?
  • acid_dropacid_drop Regular
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    Just what was taught in Basic, then a continued program in our Airborne unit. Mainly to keep in shape, but also to kill a mother fucker with any thing you can get you hands on. Pretty effective, but it's meant for killing, not fancy kung-fu razzle dazzle moves.
  • KentKent Acolyte
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    I practiced Shotokan karate for about 5 years and in that time period i got my black belt. My trainer introduced me to Muay Thai and i love it. I find Muay Thai alot more street effective compared to other styles and definatly keeps you fit.
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