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So you want to find new music, because the stuff you have now sucks.

The two ways you can do this are to listen to brand new music you've never heard, or find artists that are related to artists you already like.

The Hype Machine
  • This is my absolutely highest recommended site if you're looking for brand new music. Hypem collects music from tons of blogs and collaborates them so you can hear the most up-to-date music before it really even touches the Billboard. Plus, it's free and you can listen to the songs as much as you want. Also, you can use Hypem to track music blogs that talk about music that appeals to you.
  • Musicovery is a wicked concept, whereby you pick what mood of music you want, and then refine it based on what decade of music you want, or whatever artists you're interested in.
Last FM
  • Free Internet radio that collaborates music based on an artist or genre you specify. Excellent system.
  • Same thing as Last FM, it's an Internet radio project that finds music based on a song, album, or artist that you specify. Likewise, excellent.
  • Recommends music, movies, TV shows, and even books based on what you like.
iTunes Genius
  • The new feature for iTunes is the Genius feature, which creates playlists from the iTunes store. I haven't used it personally, but I've heard great things about it, as long as you're willing to pay for your music.

If you still can't find something to catch onto, then listen to regular FM radio. Borrow CDs from friends. Look at similar bands on Wikipedia. Look at other people's shared iTunes libraries (highly recommended). Or just kill yourself, because you're an insensitive prick with no taste in music.


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