doberman pinscher vs german shepherd?

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I'm playing with the idea of buying a dog and I have decided between one of two breeds; doberman pinscher or german shepherd. I'm leaning more towards the doberman due to it's lighter coat (I live in a tropical region) and that it is a more agile/lighter breed which I would assume is cheaper to feed and care for. What is totse's thoughts?


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    The doberman will be easier to care for. Fur can get dirty, long, and tangled. Also, shedding is horrible :mad:
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    Am i the only one who thought this was about dog fighting?

    I will remove the '?' from the title to make it more alluding :p

    I've read that the doberman is more of a conceptual thinker and will often challenge the logic of your commands whereas the shepherds obedience to direction makes them simpler to train. Both are undoubtedly high-intelligence breads however in the aspect of obedience training ~ the GSD will usually respond to simple techniques more so then the doberman, is this true? :confused:

    If a good GSD comes up for re-homing at my local shelter, I wouldn't decline but so far if I need to source from a breeder and pay good $$ ~ I will be choosing the doberman.

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    How hot does it get? I would say a GSD because they're awsome and insanely smart but if it gets too hot probably not a good idea. Talk to a breader.
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    My dog has thick fur like a shepherd which gets EVERYWHERE. Shedding is horrible and he gets really dirty very quickly so I'd suggest the doberman.
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