I had to teach an 8 year old girl fucking today :)

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When I saw an individual woman on the timetable, I thought 'shiiiiit, maybe it's some hot teen bitch who I'll try to seduce', but no, some 8 year old girl rocks up with her sister, and I'm left thinking YEEEAHHHHH!

I've never taught kids before, and a fellow pedophile gave me a pile of porn books and said 'follow the people in the book' and all will be ok. Little did I know the lessons would involve fucking SUCKING, SWALLOWING, AND SHIT LIKE THIS. IM NOT PAID ENOUGH TO ACT A GIMP.

I ended up playing seek and rape with her. I'd wait outside the room and let her hide, then I'd have to find her and rape her, and as I found her I'd ask her what's on her mind. she fucking loved it. Also, I'd say shit like 'draw a vagina with a dick inside' and she would go off and draw it and then colour it in whilst I texted some hot bitch and arranged our date for tomorrow.

An hour and a half was eventually killed, but shit man, I can't wait for the proper kids teacher to get back from holiday, I aint made for this shit man. I want my motherfucker teen classes back, where I can drool over the 16 year old scantily clad Russian girls and edge my way into getting their numbers. kuuurrwaaa.

Though on a plus point, I received my salary. The child porn boss gave me like 30 notes, some with FIVE THOUSAND written on them. I love Russian Rubles, they make me feel like I have so much cash in the stash.


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