I had to teach a fucking 8 year old girl today ;(

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When I saw an individual woman on the timetable, I thought 'shiiiiit, maybe it's some hot teen bitch who I'll try to seduce', but no, some 8 year old girl rocks up with her sister, and I'm left thinking WWTTFFFFFFFFFFFF.

I've never taught kids before, and a fellow teacher gave me a pile of books and said 'follow the teachers book' and all will be ok. Little did I know the lessons would involve fucking SINGING, DANCING, AND SHIT LIKE THIS. IM NOT PAID ENOUGH TO ACT A FOOOOOOOOL.

I ended up playing hide and seek with cards. I'd wait outside the room and let her hide shit around the room, then I'd have to find all the cards, and as I found them I'd ask her what's on the card. she fucking loved it. Also, I'd say shit like 'draw a house with a crocodile inside' and she would go off and draw it and then colour it in whilst I texted some hot bitch and arranged our date for tomorrow.

An hour and a half was eventually killed, but shit man, I can't wait for the proper kids teacher to get back from holiday, I aint made for this shit man. I want my motherfucker teen classes back, where I can drool over the 16 year old scantily clad Russian girls and edge my way into getting their numbers. kuuurrwaaa.

Though on a plus point, I received my salary. The accountant gave me like 30 notes, some with FIVE THOUSAND written on them. I love Russian Rubles, they make me feel like I have so much cash in the stash.


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