Watcha drinking on?

AlbinoEthiopianAlbinoEthiopian Regular
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So what are you guys drinking tonight? :thumbsup:

I had a few shitty bud lights earlier but nothing special. Make me jealous. :rolleyes:


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    Hammered on wine and cider, as usual. Cant do the hard shit anymore, makes my guts feel like a bag of worms the next day.
  • stresstres Regular
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    h2o + marijuana. I'm satisfied ;)
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    spazz wrote: »
    dxm and "green dragon" made with sailor jerry's rum

    basically every night :o

    mmmmm do_you_feel_fine?

    You, my man, are as mad as a hatter.
  • Tiny_Penis : (Tiny_Penis : ( Regular
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    Just woke up for fishing and emptied my stomach completely. Haha. Last night was a vodka night. My girl was making me a new drink she came up with.....

    Pineapple juice
    Mountain Dew
    Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light

    The drinks were fucking delicious but I def. went overboard. Oh well. It was nice having something to puke up :D

    Imma go hit some MJ to calm my stomach down a bit.
  • fanglekaifanglekai Regular
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    Rhum Barbancourt 8 year rum from Haiti. Also Old Charter 10 year.
  • AlbinoEthiopianAlbinoEthiopian Regular
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    My friend is bringing over some homemade Moonshine from down south so i'm going to give that a try tonight.
    I hope you don't go blind from that. :o
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