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  • Goddamn I'd nearly forgotten about Notse. Password 9 is bobsled. warweed12 is password 8
  • Holy fuck, who made this? I didn't think anybody would remember me. I've still got that game on a broken flashdrive somewhere. I forgot about it, I need to do some pretty delicate soldering to try and make it work again. Think I might try that tonight.
  • Huh, lots of online users anyhow. Bots...? Also, 45c? That's fucked. I'm in Washington (U.S.) and 75f (24c) feels absolutely horrible (It's usually nothing but clouds and rain here). What are you going to uni for DFG? Getting madd bitches? I'm going to start saving up to go once I get my car in perfect condition.
  • What the fuck? isn't there any kind of regulation or standard of safety over there? And why bomb a train station waiting room? What's the point...what does anyone hope to gain?
  • You should post more about the crazy shit going on over there, me and a few friends are always interested in the perspective of someone who actually lives there.
  • Not sure how you could go about making a letter bomb. An actual package, however, would be easily doable. Look up Unibomber. Even a simple striker with some acetone peroxide would be more than enough.
  • Ditto. They're kinda christian, but never talk or mention it or go to church. They've only mentioned their believe in "God" two times that I can remember. I'm interested in Wicca/Paganism, but don't particularly believe in anything other than science and that as long as I live in an honest, moral way and be kind to…
  • Weird...I thought planes were build to withstand lightning strikes? It had to be something fairly fucked, they were pretty close to the runway. If they simply lost power, chances are they could have glided the rest of the way.
  • Huzzah! I have internet again. Been having to leave home to get access. I might have internet again, but it's still dialup. I've just been trying to catch up and this new stuff looks exciting, is there much I can do to help? In the middle of writing a few guides, but if there's anything else I can do, just shout.
  • Wow. It even has 7.62x38R. Saved.
  • I really like it, it's similar to the design I recently made with chief architect, except I added a third story that was a small circular tower with a spiral staircase. I love the idea of a second story that is essentially a deck/accessible roof tops.
  • JESUS TITTY FUCKING NIGGERS HOLY SHIT BALLS. GOT 12 GIGS. EVERYTHING FAST. HOLY FUCK. If anything takes beyond 3 seconds to load, then I know the program has crashed. So. Goddamned. Fast.
  • Alright, thanks. Ordered the 6 2GB sticks off newegg. Kinda what I assumed, but whenever I looked it up I could only find answers not considering 6 slots with triple-channel. RAM limit is 24GB, I'm using only one gig right now with win7 64 bit. Shit is laggyyy, about the only game that doesn't lag is Deadspace. Skyrim is…
  • I like the idea, but fuck the kindle. An FTP server of .PDF files would be perfect me thinks :)
  • Agreed, time spent in shower was cut in half :D
  • http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/13/kamoso11002011020042.png/ I look dep Taken with authentic shitty netbook webcam!
  • :( I know, the prom pictures of me and my girlfriend...well, since you can't see my face on one of them, it just looks like she's making out with a chick :hai: Haha, I just shat bricks. I've never heard of the piss the bed one :confused: Already got haircut BTW
  • :( I want more CRTs. Might possibly get a 30 inch or bigger HD CRT monitor, they're pretty cheap and still the best technology for quality, nothing beats em'. And any resolution you want.
  • Same, only I lurked since 2001 because registration was always closed and joined in 2005 :( Never really helped me make any flash powder, but I did dig a hole :D
  • I just shat bricks at this. Thank you :D
  • It was originally banned all together in Germany because of a particular level that, when switches were flipped, walls would rise out of the floor in the shape of a swastika. I think it was the control room level in episode 1.
  • Pretty much what trx said. Unless I can install some distro of linux and go around cracking wifi passwords and the like, I doubt I'd consider buying one.
  • I've actually seen the same style of grenade launcher on a friends rifle before he went off to collage. Now that I think about it, last time I saw the guy he was wearing a russian hat, walking around my friends house eating toast with his semi-auto AK on a sling :hai: Though I didn't know that last part, as long as the…
  • Sounds great, one of the reasons I'd like to get one is because I've always liked weapons that could use stripper clips. This is one of the most helpful forums on here, you guys know your shit, thanks :thumbsup: I had no idea that it was even legal anywhere to have any kind of grenade launcher attached to it. Golf balls…
  • I've always been told that tobacco was a mild laxative. Odd this thread should pop up, I've been looking for a cig all day so I could take a shit just to test this, and sure enough I clogged my toilet.
  • Amazing. Perhaps a bit unusual, but looking at the technology that went into printing this..hmm. Makes me really want to hurry up and get my PLA/ABS 3d printer working.
  • I actually came in here to ask what the name of the papers are that have the little wire in them. Those things are great.
  • Panzy asses. Can't kill a goddamned bird. How old are they? "Evil men who enjoyed doing evil to people" Sure, let's all just assume they were 'evil'. They had no motives other than this, no eventual goals, no future in sight. Completely ignore the relevant political and psychological reasons for their actions, let's just…
  • http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/1067/69638582.jpg Like this. Only epic landscape, upward slope towards the buildings, with real-life tropical graphics complete with palm trees.
  • I wish I could remember most of my dreams. I've had a particular recurring one that interests me. all I remember is... Forrest. Suddenly, forest everywhere. I'm in a maze, deep in the woods, with a few other people (or not) trying to evade someone or something. After hours in this forest maze, I emerge into the open, right…
  • Alright, seeing as I normally shut the fuck up and sit by reading this stuff, I guess I'll put in a few of my thoughts. Could we do it? Most definitely. This is totse. Remember how big we once were? Remember how many registered members we once had? We can do it. The major problem that has been stated many times in the past…
  • Couldn't find any batteries for my camera. We dug it a bit deeper and wider today, afterwards my friend who was helping cut his wrist on a broken dinner plate he was using to fan a fire we had going. starting to become a pain, hitting some good head sized rocks. I think I should find a long steel pole to pry them out with…
  • lol, amazing how so many millions of dollars are spent to keep people out, and these guys are breaking in for fun. Haha, what a waste of money...well done.
  • I haven't worn underwear in years. Slows thing down in bed too much :p Just have to be careful, don't want to be known as "Zipper dick" like a friend of mine is. He had to go to the hospital and everything, he got the zipper back in a biohazard container and started chasing people around with it, holding it in pliers.…
  • This. Happens every time, come up with some elaborate place and then forget. Find it instantly if you get high again though. "Oh, that's right, it's in the middle box among 30 identical boxes on the second shelf in my closet. OF COURSE!". You know you've smoked too much when you get doublevision. Or when you start to freak…
  • I guess nobody has read the actual article yet. Hint: Shit was staged.
  • I've read that magazine. The english translation sucks, one chapter is called "How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom". Most of the magazine is utterly useless and is comparable to the anarchist cookbook in terms of uselessness (Very fucking useless, more likely to get you killed than anything else). Smokeless…
  • 0_O Wtf? They didn't care about the quality or anything, we just got booted from reddit because they didn't like how often we were linked? Cocksuckers.
  • Sounds extremely fishy. I'm going to laugh pretty hard if the 'bomb' was just the container of smokeless powder. As any pyro knows, double base smokeless powder is pretty much useless for bomb construction. The only good purpose I can think of is to reload ammunition and create acetone peroxide putty. "The Army alert said…
  • Hah, it's like the Armored Core storyline. The government starts to collapse, and instead of states and countries there are corporations with private armies. Except we don't have Armored Cores or MT's. Though, exoskeletons are making a lot of progress....HAL is only $2,500 USD.
  • Ashes are all that remain. I'm tempted to replace somebody's maple syrup with the mystery liquid.
  • :o I have no idea what kind of tree it was. It was pretty much all dead except for the still attached to the stump part. But the sap shit was pouring out of it like a water faucet. EDIT: Trading this image for further information
  • Haha...been there with the cable thing. Helped my brother grind down a screwdriver to make a tool so that he could turn his cable back on without leaving any visible tampering on the box. Our water is off a cistern/well though. Sounds like a crafty motherfucker. I like that :) I also love coke, so chrome approves :D
  • For the love of god, don't post phone numbers. Especially on facebook. I've taken to sending 50 texts at once through clamtxt (Look it up, it's free) to anyone who posts their number publicly.
  • Agreeee'd. At least you realize it is becoming a problem. Around my town, heroin is becoming more popular than weed. It's sad, pretty much my first highschool friend has been wasting away on it lately (Though he's getting better). Personally, I hate heroin and opiates. I know I'd be a complete coke head if I had better…
  • I don' t think I'll ever make it home...(Feel the bright sunshine)
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  • I always wondered how they managed to fuck up so badly. My list of shit would be just about the same as Echidna's. Buy some property, build concrete bunker (Powered by solar or hydroelectric if possible), get computers in that shit. Put the rest in the bank and get interest. Spend interest on forming a company that…