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  • Either that, or the fact that I'm still awake and coherent. I don't actually care if he makes it or not.
  • My dad had a heart attack while driving. He might not make it. Downed a bottle of jack and numerous xanax. Hope i get up for the flight tomorrow morning.
  • I just finishing railing 60 mg of oxycodone (via two 30 mg roxi) and I'm currently smoking a bowl. I have two more 30s that I will probably finish before the end of the night. I've been sober for the past two weeks. I'm trying to limit my opiate use to at most twice a month, which has been working out pretty well.
  • Australian for rave. I had to look that one up myself.
  • Any update?
  • ^ I think you got some wisdom there that junkies should take to heart. Don't expect a pity parade from anybody. We are all products of our environment but we can choose to be prisoners of it. No one on an internet board can tell you to be happy or how to find happiness. There are road maps out there, but its up to us how…
  • Roam around outside, smoke some pot, watch some movies, play video games, play your favorite instrument, go to class with a pair shades on... Pretty much anything on acid is fucking awesome.
  • The best way of breaking old habits is building new ones. Whether you choose the AA 12 step, the-charlie-sheen-bang-an-escort-on-the-way-out, or just lock yourself in an apartment for a long time, the only way you are going not go back to that lifestyle is if you choose to live your life. That quote in Trainspotting is…
  • I don't have any experience cooking hard, so I can't comment on the rest (kudos on the write up), but I have dabbled in the crack smoking experience in the past. I have never used a metal pipe or seen one in use. I've only ever smoked out of rose tubes procured at number of bodegas (urban and rural areas). These tubes are…
  • me n sum of ma niggas hangin 'you niggas! you sit in deese hole! sit in deese hole!' obligatory black jesus painting
  • Black Box FTW! I was going to suggest that but I'm glad other people know about it. I don't drink anymore but when I did I always kept a box around for company. $22 dollars seems steep though - I remember paying $15 around my parts.
  • I watched my dad go through alcohol withdrawal, it was rough. Do you have access to any sort of benzos or clonodine? Good luck.
  • I studied abroad in India. Great parties, great drugs, great scenery, and many types of women. I couldn't have asked for anything better. But I would definitely avoid Pakistan.
  • My latest ex (broke up about a month ago now) hates my guts. She has clearly stated to me that she doesn't ever want to see or talk to me again. The previous ex has been revising and editing essays and papers for me for about three years now (we broke up four years ago). She is married and lives in Vietnam and we tend to…
  • ^ Yes definitely. Opiates in general stimulate me -- I can never sleep at night when I'm even remotely high. I believe its thebaine in oxycodone that gives you that speedy feelings.
  • I would watch out with Ultram. Tramadol in high doses has been known to cause seizures. I've only really taken tramadol when I was dope sick and I only stuck to around 200 mg.
  • That sounds amazing. That is exactly what I'll be doing tomorrow.
  • For creme brulee, do I need to make them all individually or can I make just a big thing of it? There maybe 15-20 people at this party and I'm a lazy ass. As far as some of the desserts and appetizers go, I think my friends are pretty much allergic to chocolate, peanut butter, shellfish and everything else delicious, which…
  • mmmmmm I love sour diesel! Why not just smoke it? Is it medical grade?
  • Does this really require the attention of BLTC? My sophomore year of college, I studied abroad in an area where weed was EXTREMELY cheap and plentiful. I made a few bottles of green dragon, however I hated that shit. It tasted horrid even after filtering out the marijuana gunk and running the alcohol (I was using vodka)…
  • One weekend Mrs. Dole was out, I decided to eat a bunch of somas and bang a few bags of diesel. I woke up the next morning on my toilet, pants down, and the needle dangling from my arm. It was pretty epic. :rolleyes: Edit: I didn't mean to come off as a total ass. I have had pretty cool experiences on psychedelics,…
  • So I put together a short list and I hope others can expound upon my points. * Harm Reduction I think to promote intelligent discussion of drugs and chemicals, we should take steps to advance harm reduction. However I do not believe we should do this at cost of freedom of speech. Sites like do this and it…
  • Zoklet let me down big time. I was always a big fan of Zok in the old school Totse days but that forum went to shit real fast. Its literally for 12 year olds.
  • I would be glad to help out. We could just piece together other drug forums guidelines and then personalize it for Totse as time goes on.
  • Cool story
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  • Yeah thats how I feel. I have a bong with an ice catcher and an ash catcher and I rarely use the ice catcher. Bongs in general get very dirty and require weekly maintenance if you smoke regularly, however I prefer to smoke bongs when by myself or with another person.
  • Don't you guys think there should be a thread with forum rules? For instance not incriminating yourself, how using SWIM is pretty much useless, no source discussion, official threads, etc.
  • Three - four years ago I was grabbing roxies for 5-10 $, now since the creation of OPs and the gradual decrease in price of the original OC, the price of roxies have skyrocketed. I don't really mind roxies. However I end up blasting through five or six roxies at a time just to get a slight nod.
  • I just got out of fucking detox. I've been on a two year H and coke bender, lost my GF, almost lost my job, and almost my life. I'm crashing at my rents place till the 30th, upon which I will fly back home, get to my apartment, and pack a bong. Although sobriety is both boring and shitty, it is a gift.