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  • Shit, I guess they're not falling for that one again.
  • Okay, I do apologize tach. Would you care to join me on a cruise?
  • Yeah, someone just needs to close this thread and ban Tach now.
  • We already knew long before you knew it yourself... what a surprise!
  • Gap teeth in your mouth so Paragon's dick's got to fit.
  • Nick Griffin is just running a ponzi scheme; Andrew Brons would make a much better chairman. Personally I believe we need another Oswald Mosley type.
  • Douchenozzle? That's cute, the first thing that comes into your head to call me is the thing Paragon inserts into your bug infested ass regularly before he fucks it. Even he isn't that dirty, although you wouldn't think it to look at him. Who cares if it was an infraction or not, it was as good as, since I'd done nothing…
  • Ah. I've got by the skin of my teeth just about. Since I cleared a few things up with wires I've been infracted a lot less, the most recent one was by Paragon, IIRC and that was for threatening Tach.
  • I'll take genetics over David Lane's and most self-proclaimed white nationalist's ideaa. Fisher's rule should apply rather than the one drop rule.
  • While the average AA does have a significant amount of caucasoid ancestry, you're not mainly caucasoid at all. Obama is not comparable to most AAs. I had this discussion with Dr.Watson back on zoklet last year; I'm not having it again with your dumbass. The caucasoid ancestry in a negro and to the degree it is in is…
  • Well technically, he's more white than black; needless to say he is liberal to the core and I do not see what good would come of me meeting with Barack Obama or vice-versa, unless it was a suicide mission, which I have no desire to do so. Taking out Barack Obama would achieve nothing in the long run. I have no desire to…
  • More people are racist online and offline much more than you'd like to imagine. Far right politics are in rising support, especially throughout Europe, and race realism is becoming more and more prevalent in the sciences. Glad you took the hint and decided to fuck off from this thread, we're making progress; next stop the…
  • Under 12-13 years old. I'm opting more for under 13.
  • I'll bet the kikes did it :mad:
  • I think it's more to do with the fact that he's a hypocrite.
  • Well I started clowning you before you admitted to it because I could tell you were a tar baby. You were so butthurt and helpless that you took up a far leftist Trotskyite persona to try and piss me and other racists off and you dedicated SO MUCH time to it; hell, you still do. I'm not going to tell you to get a life,…
  • That would just be oh so terrible if that were to happen :rolleyes: I find your unwarranted self-importance hilarious and unsurprising. You niggers are the most predictable bunch of reprobates alive that are taking up space. Every other race knows what low-down and worthless sacks of shit niggers are, except for niggers…
  • More like a bug chaser, lover of crotch, and fag lover.
  • In your warped, self-important afrocentric view, yes.
  • The only time a nigger has ever worked in his life (and even then it was of a poor standard and very basic) is when he's been forced to; be it by Persians, Arabs, Egyptians, fellow negroes, Spaniards, Portuguese, British, Dutch etc. Even today in better conditions than a lot of other people, in the nations they've…
  • You weren't given permission to talk, but you're slow, so I'll let you off this time. I'd say the same to you, Buckwheat, but it's a futile exercise, just like it was in colonial times; niggers were the laziest and most incompetent, brain dead workers in EVERY colony around the world and the colonizers had to bring in…
  • Negroes really are the only group that I have absolutely no empathy or respect for; the same goes with every race, every culture throughout the whole of history, they have universally despised negroes, nearly as much as the jews have been; they're worthless and the world would be less burdened without them. Cecil Rhodes…
  • Why did you ever get banned from there in the first place? From what I remember, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong.
  • Simply because you're a nigger. It really is that simple. You ain't gonna do shit you primitive, small brained, knuckle dragging 'groid. Lol @ rape and obsession with the white woman being the smartest and top revolutionary idea that coons can cook up... typical nigger muh-dik mentality. One of the revolutionary actions a…
  • Yes.
  • They're arguably human, even so, just because someone is human doesn't automatically make them a decent human (yes, that goes for whites too). Human rights is a social construct, not taxonomic.
  • As Arthur Jensen points out at one point in his amazing and solid work, The G Factor, retardation in Whites is often the result of a single gene or chromosomal anomaly, which also causes physical abnormalities and mechanical deficiencies effecting motor or speech skills. These abnormalities and deficiencies are not seen in…
  • It's a suggestion to get rid of and stop the cluttered mess in the merged forums, not about the problem of "low traffic" forums which is not much of a problem.
  • Revolt against the modern world - Julius Evola along with Sex and Character - Otto Weininger.
  • 1baddude in bad ideas MisterSawedOff's broom stick, coke bottle and duct tape "gun" Wintermute nudes Post your vagina threads Dad Kisser Pedo baiting threads "I raped Meta's daughter with ..." The personalities made totse.
  • I do far too much mocking of niggers on the internet, people get the point that I hate niggers,so I'm not going to bother too much in this thread. Under strict supervision and with the right restrictions they can be made useful and serve a role in the advancement of a nation. They shouldn't be seen as compatible with the…
  • I'm not for the merging of any of the forums, it creates a lot of clutter and makes finding threads to discuss certain topics a lot more difficult and annoying to do so. If a forum has low traffic, so be it, unless of course it has no new posts or threads within over a year in which case considerations of a merger into a…
  • Why bother giving this warped little shit so much attention? I know he's exaggerating his mental state, but even so, he'd be a loser even if he ran multiple high income corporations and snorted coke off hot bitches' booties, simply for the fact that he's dedicated so much to this persona of a maladjusted freak that he's…
  • Son, I am disappoint. While it's not half as bad for a male to do it as it is for a woman to do it, it's still pretty low.
  • A lot of the females at university infuriate me too, they should only be educated upto the age of 16; they really don't get any smarter or mentally mature after that and then lose sight of what they actually want in life, unlike adolescent females who actually know what they want, which is to be treated like an adult…
  • I'm too hairy for v-necks.
  • Dude, shut up.
  • So you'd use your powers to talk about your powers? Okay. Do you also have a car in your car so that you can drive while you drive?
  • Yeah, yeah, we know you hate university and your lecturers and the tough life that students have (:rolleyes:)... WE GET IT. Of course the education system is a shit pit now, it's a bastion of neo-liberalism and full of leftists. Go along with it, suck it up and have fun off site and out of lectures. Yeah, university makes…
  • dnt diss, we rudebois tuk hour trakis in2 ur sox cos we always be on de piss n der aint enuff public toilets so we can just shit n piss into our sox ye get me?
  • Should just get a motorbike.
  • All of these things can be done without being a superhero.
  • Obviously I'd wipe out all of the niggers and liberal kikes, tweak the rest of the non-caucasoids' chromosomes so that they can't breed with caucasoids, re-establish the British empire, take the world's most beautiful women as concubines and breed with them, and use my superior intellect to advance the field of Eugenics…
  • Malice should have been cast into hell a long time ago, i.e. as soon as he was illegitimately conceived during menstruation.
  • You blew all chance of new members staying for very long by merging most of the distinctive main forums together.
  • Malice, you squalid spic, you're the very definition of a dysfunctional undermining of masculinity. I've never seen anyone on the internet display as many feminine characteristics as you do. I mean, why are you so desperate to be seen as "fucked up" by people that you'll never ever meet that you've cybered with another…
  • Damn man, your life does sound shitty.
  • TL;DR Sperg somewhere else please.
  • Malice doesn't own a gun, that is undoubtedly photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels and by seeing quite a few shops in my time. You ain't some badass psychopath Malice, even though that's the image you're trying to portray.