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  • This is more fucked up than the food stalls in China making soup out of garbage water. http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2010/04/08/chinese-soup-made-from-rubbish/
  • Quoted for mother fucking truth. I have not met a woman without at least 2 of these attributes.
  • Uni's tend to be strict on that shit because they are liable if shit happens and people on their network are caught downloading copyright content for free. It's completely unlikely, but they have to cover their own ass. They're all about making money, not losing it to legal fees and lawsuits.
  • I have such a weird boner atm. Well done.
  • That's one fine looking pair of scissors in the last one.
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  • My high school only had two roads leading into it. As a grad prank, we built 6 ft tall brick walls that blocked the entire width of the roads...we made them thick as fuck so the caretakers couldn't just sledgehammer them down. I'm talking 9-10 layers of bricks, piled 6 feet high, with mortar. This will completely fuck with…
  • I'm not so sure a 15 year old asian chick is going to put out very easily. Unless she's one of those slutty rebellious asians, but most of my asian friends back in high school were ruled by their parents. Have him take her out for bubble tea or some shit, where they can get to know each other. I obviously don't know the…
  • Life is good when you have HD porn, californication, and succesful fappage.
  • This was the most epic thing i've seen in a long time. Fucking great! The fatty did nothing wrong, he shouldn't get suspended.
  • I wouldn't be surprised. People do anything to get ahead in this business.
  • This bitch needs to die a slow, painful death
  • Not that old, but Mr Rogers' Neighbourhood....just because of this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cowpwXui5s
  • There is some merit to the idea of masturbating a lot. The first couple of times I had sex I still jacked off every day, sometimes 2-3 times, and as a result I couldn't even orgasm from intercourse because there wasnt enough of the stimulation I was used to. When I cut back on it (like once a week) I came much quicker. So…
  • This is neat. I'd never even consider the thought that a rock in my backyard could contain 400 million year old fossils.
  • Everyone has a different sense of humour, different boundaries, etc. It's all about figuring out who you can say what kind of shit to. Trial and error is certainly one way to go about it...
  • That's because he probably is hiding crack in there. He had to be on drugs when he came up with the "runaway" movie.
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  • The ending of this movie bothered me for so fucking long. I was throwing around all kinds of theories, talking to others, but never came to a solid conclusion.
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  • I'm pretty sure every country has some kind of governing body determining average birth/death rates, and the same goes for CO2 emissions. They probably took the latest updates for this data, and put it all together in one dynamic interface. It's very unlikely that all the data is 100% accurate because it has to be based on…
  • A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
  • if you decide to get the hoody back then dont make the mistake of getting the stink off just yet. go back, stick your dick inside of her once more, grab the hoody, THEN proceed to wash dick. that way you avoid a potential 2nd shower!
  • I like susie diamond (or suzie diamond) http://www.redtube.com/24500
  • Testicles will never swell like that due to a lack of ejaculation. The dick and balls may be real, possibly the result of a tumor or some other growth, or some other condition. The ejaculation doesn't look real at all. It looks like saline solution, which is what they use in those vids where you see the guys with the…
  • I think annette schwartz (sp?) is pretty hardcore. Not really a fan of hers, but I've seen her do some fucked up shit, like take two dicks in her ass. I saw a vid of some girl eating food that was put into her ass too, it might have been her but im not sure.
  • This is a really cool idea, though the accuracy is probably way off. Seeing the birth/deaths since you started watching is kind of haunting to me, it reminds me of those commercials where they tell you "x people died in the world during this commercial from ______."
  • I wonder if he came up with one that can fire fully automatic.
  • No mention of BI-winning =(
  • I dont know why, but stella artois is the only beer I've tried that I dont find completely disgusting.
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  • Had to write a paper on this in my freshman year, it's very simple and very clever! Excellent applications in crime labs. Ever wonder what they do with those tiny blood/skin samples?
  • I dont know what the problem with being caught is. It's not like you're doing anything wrong!!
  • My girl swallows, but I find it hotter to cum on her chest/stomach. I'm weird =p
  • Toilet, or tissue/paper towel. I used a towel for a week or so, then I noticed that it started to smell like bleach...
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  • Mornings: shower and fuck her again in the shower, make breakfast, eat, then bend her over the table and go at it once more before work. Night: repeat until one of us is sore
  • You might as well just stick a spoon into a bag of sugar and eat that.
  • Unicorn...the sweetest meat of all.
  • I like it with mayo and avocado. The most basic crab salad there is!
  • Fuck brownies, I'm putting my weed into my cupcakes now.
  • I like medium and medium-rare. I find that at cheaper places the chefs tend to overcook the steaks, so i'll order a medium-rare and either get medium-rare or medium (if they overcook it). If it's a good place i'll order medium because I put faith in the chefs.
  • Definitely prairie oysters. For those who dont know, it's a raw egg with worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt and pepper.
  • Does eating 2 pop tarts at 2:30pm count as breakfast? It was the first thing I ate soooo....
  • Why does she always look so dirty? Not slutty dirty, like filthy dirty. I swear she always looks like she just rubbed dirt in her face.
  • This. I like their sound, but when I read into the lyrics I get a bit turned off of them.
  • Metric - Grow Up and Blow Away http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGsdIA9Wd2g
  • This show is legen-wait for it, wait for it-dary.
  • You get to see tits in nearly every episode of this entire series =p
  • Shawshank redemption. It is THE prison movie. I dont know how nobody listed this yet, but I definitely recommend it.
  • I couldn't appreciate gods of the arena too much because it is a prequel to the first season...you kind of know from the start where everything is going to end up. To anyone who hasnt seen either season yet, I'd recommend watching gods of the arena BEFORE blood in the sand.
  • This anime is, in a word, legendary. Shinichiro Watanabe's directing work is amazing and unique. His other work, samurai shamploo, is also stellar.
  • At first brotherhood seemed like it would be just like the original, but when I saw how much darker it is, and how much more in-depth is, I realized that it kicks the original's ass. I watched the entire series in three days. Anyone else excited for the movie?
  • 90% of dubs suck, but some are very well done. Perfect example is cowboy bebop. The dub retains the emotion and accuracy of the original (i've watched the series in eng dub and jap w/eng sub). This is very rare imo, but when it is well done I prefer the dub because I can focus on the animation instead of reading the bottom…
  • First anime I watched was pokemon, then digimon and all that stuff on cartoon network. The first anime I actually went and found on the internet, in the original japanese, was fullmetal alchemist (original). From there I fell in love with various other anime, like cowboy bebop and black lagoon.