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  • Was it used?
  • Why not pre- and post- so we can make comparisons?
  • That's because she is a fat lesbian. EDIT: Also requesting naked pictures.
  • That sucks. I haven't talked to my buddy in a couple months, but I know he has to go all the way to Nashville sometimes. Too bad you don't live more to the east. You could get a hook up out here. We got a few good things going around right now. :thumbsup:
  • Aw, CaptainFaggot put on a little cheerleader's uniform and he's doing a cheer for us! Isn't that sweet. Thanks guys for the suggestions. When I have time this weekend I'll have to check them out. If I find any more myself I'll share them here with you in case you feel the need for some cruise controlling.
  • I'm not talking about the spelling mistake. I'm talking about the fact that you don't believe that a wild animal is going to seek out a source of water. The spelling mistake was just the cherry on the sundae. Or the fly on the pile of shit. Whichever you prefer.
  • Depends on what you're tripping on. If it's mushrooms, you can just go with a gram or so and get a mellow trip. It's like you're really really high but you have a bunch of energy. LSD or something else, I don't know because I've only tripped hard on LSD. You're not going to trip balls in a short amount of time though. If…
  • I don't understand what went wrong. He looks like a winner.
  • Obviously you aren't really a melon or you'd know that you're wrong about this. Wow. Just wow.
  • Man, I miss the old tabletop RPGs. I played them some back in the day and I'd still play them now if I could find anybody else who was interested in them. The friends I have these days are too fucking lazy for something like that.
  • I don't know about regular security cameras, but I know those fucking intersection traffic cameras sure can. I used to work as a cab driver. Another driver who worked night shift got a ticket through the automated system so it was sent to the cab stand. My boss showed it to me and at first I didn't think much about it. But…
  • Well then you could sue. :) People don't like anything to touch their car. Tailgating is a big pet peeve of mine and once I had a car where I was able to adjust the wiper fluid jet on one side so it would squirt up over the car and hit the car behind me if they were close enough. Talk about some pissed off motorists.…
  • That's cool, but is Germany as litigious as America is? Because I can easily some fat American fuck suing because this stuff was splashing onto their car, whether it's water-based or not. I'm American, so I can say that. :)
  • lol @ CaptainFaggot.
  • Awesome idea on the photo diary, C/O. I hope you get to do that, trx, because I'd like to see your progress.
  • We all had to start over, buddy. Not just you. Suck it up and get to posting except try to refrain from posting more shit.
  • I think this would qualify as a special circumstance. A good lawyer would argue that he shouldn't have been allowed on the ride due to his amputations and the ride's lack of shoulder harnesses. Kind of like how they can't let little kids on certain rides. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  • Yeah, contamination can spread over a wide area once it gets into the ground water. That's why you should never dump anything toxic out onto the ground, no matter how far away from water it might be. Once that shit gets underground, it takes no time at all for it to find a pond, stream, lake, etc. Good call, Buddha, on the…
  • Do something to make it better then.
  • Maybe I'm just getting old, but my ignore list sure is filling up fast.
  • Fuck off, eat cock, and welcome back.
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  • So go rub your cock against his then. We don't care. Basketball is for faggots and niggers.
  • 100% agreed. Only a faggot asshole would beat his girl. I hope you're just being a really shitty troll right now.
  • Leave it to CaptainFaggot to make the dumbest post in a thread. trx100, if your property isn't directly hooked up with a forest or anything, it's going to take some time for the wildlife to come back. They will come back though, as water is a premium to wild animals and they have a way of finding that yummy scummy pond…
  • He's got the hipster vote, and you know how much the fucking hipsters like to throw money around on stupid shit. I just always have wondered how he got so far on so little talent. He either sold his soul to the devil, or he gives tremendous blowjobs.
  • Did Chunt put those glasses and hat on just to make a funny picture? God, I hope so.
  • Dr Rocker is just being combative. It's clear that you're right. I'm not even sure why he's trying to argue the fact.
  • For a couple years now, there's been a movement underway to bring Building 7 to the public consciousness. There are a lot of things that can't be explained within the confines of the official story. It's thought that Building 7 was headquarters for the people in charge of bringing down the…
  • Wow, this really has you upset.
  • What do you mean, "but not everyone has pets and majority of Totse is beyond that age"? I love my pets... :( And I'm old as shit. :( :( Other than my pets I'd have to go generic and say marijuana. I'm sorry about that, but what can I say? I'm just a pot smoking, animal loving, dirty ass hippie. If I had a girlfriend I…
  • That may have had something to do with the type of concert it was. If everybody was walking around tripping, the cops aren't going to haul in the entire crowd. Hopefully. I was pissed off the summer before last when Peter Frampton came around on the state fair circuit. I thought the place would be full of old time hippie…
  • Yeah, that kind of stuff doesn't seem to be covered. Maybe somebody needs to email Brian Wilson. I can see how it might mess up the pitcher too. Since breathing is a part of proper mechanics, it might mess up his rhythm by the time he gets his breathing back in sync with everything else. But still, it would be funny as…
  • Not to brown nose or anything, but I like all the mods here. SO FAR.
  • Kanye West is best enjoyed with the sound muted and the picture turned off.
  • The thing that sucks most about having no power is the way you tend to go around and try to turn stuff on out of habit. Well, that and the food in your fridge getting all warm and nasty.
  • The shit we eat gives us cancer. Well, specifically the shit they spray on the shit we eat gives us cancer. Stomach cancer in particular is pretty nasty stuff. If you get it, at some point you'll get to projectile vomit blood all over the place and then you die.
  • That's some shitty luck, Daktologist. I hope you can get your house dried out easy. Flooded out houses suck. :( Once I lived on an old flood plain that hadn't flooded out in over 100 years. Lived there less than a year and guess what happened. I'm pissed at the water department right now. They were supposed to cut off…
  • Naw man, we say buggy here too. Some people say shopping cart if they want to sound all sophisticated about it. I don't show my tits to boys.
  • A lot of the harmful shit is in the filter so get the unfiltered kind. They make you look bad ass too.
  • My favorite IRL troll is the short term memory troll. "How did that launch earlier today go?" "The shuttle took off perfectly." "What shuttle?" "The space shuttle!" "Oh, did they launch it yet?" "Yes!" "How did it go?" "It was perfect." "What was perfect?" Drives them nuts every time.
  • Those are some profound lyrics.
  • You don't need a filter unless you're worried about burning your pretty little lips. It's not like you have to throw the roach away. Put it in the next joint. Only time I ever used a filter is with my rig where I jam a joint down into the hole of the bowl on my smallest bong. The only reason I started doing that was…
  • My introduction to chavs was with that video on Youtube years ago where the chavs are on the merry-go-round and the guy puts the back tire of his motorcycle to make it spin faster. If I'm not mistaken, that was the video that put Youtube on the map.
  • Man, Chucks used to be my favorite but they just don't make them very well any more. Last pair I had fell apart after about a month and I wasn't doing anything stressful to them. They were more my hang out and chill shoes than anything. When I was a kid I had a checkered pair and thought I was the shit. I also had black,…
  • Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. Shitty home life or something. He just gave that general impression of asshole though, so I think his base level is probably pretty dick.
  • Ain't that the damn truth.
  • Try making some good posts too, if you can. Up until now you've really shitted the place up and I usually don't bother to read anything you've posted.
  • well if you can keep it down like that, I can't see how it would hurt you any more than a lot of things we do on a daily basis. Like standing at a bus stop breathing in the fumes from the passing traffic. Then again I'm not a doctor so what do I know. Smoking really is a pain in the ass. You're a slave to a stupid pack of…
  • It's just marketing. They dump tons of money into advertising and this is why. I gotta ask though, you listed sports you've played and you put "athletics" in there. What does that mean? Athletics is a broad term here in the US so you got my curiosity up.
  • We're dealing with a fucking wizard here, boys.
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