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  • Glad to see your back, I had the urge to visit this to see how everyone was doing only to find it gone and no mention of it being dead so was a wee bit confused. Also in other news I think I am banned from Zoklet magical I know and completely inexplicable considering I haven't been on that site in over a year at least..
  • Just watched the trailer after a friend recommended it, I am a bit of a scifi nerd so seeing this made me blow my load looks really tidy.
  • My advice is to find a solicitoi'm not sure where you frr who has a good reputation concern driving offences. A quick google gave me this not sure where in Yorkshire your from (all my family are around the Bradford area-ish) anyway that just the first one I found. Considering it's going to court I would definitely ring a…
  • Chocolate hobnobs are even better ;) Or chocolate digestives.
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  • Cheers man, shoved it in different case(elite 430) and as you guys suggested put a decent psu in (coolermaster 650w bronze).
  • Well just thought I'd update you guys. In the end I went with intel and the I3 2120 mainly because i started reading some worrying things about the bulldozers performance. Got it mounted on an asus z68 motherboard (so I can upgrade later) 8 gig of ram. Going to order an asus gtx 560 later.…
  • There was an interesting thread on totse (I think it was a month or two before it died) about what to put in a book if you went time travelling or something like that I only vaguely remember mind you!
  • Haha if only I could I tried to download it the other day and the ISO just wouldn't play ball... All I can remember is blowing my way through the walls also the guys yelling red faction and trying to take out guards with a shock maul..
  • Aye character creation is brilliant, like you say a game in it's self you can spend hours rolling up the characters following their career and then writing up their back story once you have finished their career. I have the reprint which is just teh first 3 books along with book4 and supplements 3,7 adventures 0,2,3
  • It arrived it's good shame I have a metric shit on of work to do..
  • I just descovered the preorder map isn't cloth I have now had all my dreams crushed.. :( Oh well still won't complain if it arrives a day early ;)
  • Personally I've had a few games mainly of 3rd edition which was enjoyable, these days I am gravitating towards Classic Traveller I prefer the feel of it, if only I could find a decent group round here..
  • Well I have it on preorder from the same place i got BF3 from which will hopefully mean I get it a day early just like BF3 :D
  • There were earthquakes here a few years back, puny things to people who used to them we on the other hand never had one before. Personally I woke up in the night to a massive rumble and went back to sleep assuming it was a dream until my sister mentioned it was all over the local radio(she was working there at the time).
  • I dunno as soon as I ran into web filters I found they were for everything, well it also blocked pictures of weapons(antique swords from exhibits) so dad just gave the password so I unblocked everything oops.. And the rest they say is history mind you trying to find free porn was always hard to impossible it used to be…
  • It's mad it's gone up to £90 which in comparison is mad http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/western-digital-elements-external-hard-drive-1tb-03661634-pdt.html which is cheap in comparison to http://www.ebuyer.com/174844-western-digital-elements-1tb-external-hard-drive-hi-speed-usb-retail-wdbaau0010hbk-uesn £125 :O At the back of…
  • HEavy Rain is supposed to be aesome, GT5 is great fun not as good as 4 though. Then you have Little Big Planet.
  • Well I was rather lucky picked up a WD external for £50 before everyone raised their prices, I had a load of bits in a basket on a store for a potential system looked and the price had jumped up. I checked and basically all HDD had tripled in price and then I did some digg and fond the Thailand stuff.. Not good
  • Cheers for that. Whilst I hate change(in general) I also realise for this place to thrive it must evolve and to be perfectly honest we never were going to get another totse I can see that now when it died that was it, people tried to resurrect it but times change and people change with them. I am on the other hand hopeful…
  • Well its 6 days to go I figure I'd do a spot of threadromancy if that's ok? Things are looking good there is the first 23 minutes floating about somewhere (I'll try and link) which I haven't seen I figure the surprise will be better.…
  • I'll be interested to see how the do this, I hope they put a bit more fun back into it. That's not to say that IV wasn't fun it just wasn't what I was used to that said the story was brilliant and it was good to see them do something of their own as opposed to the usual rehash of films. Still I did kinda hope on the…
  • So wait a second I haven't been here properly for a little while mainly due to college and generally being busy. I noticed the whole place is a lot more adult which is good but what has actually occurred? Changes etc?
  • Lolwut? I really do wonder what hope there is for mankind sometimes...
  • Most supermarkets have 2l bottles of water for 17p give or take a few pence, reckon you could have 10l for less than a pound ;) or 12l for £1.02 Water at my grandparents has gotten more chloriney which is sad because it never used to be, always tasted like spring water..
  • This... Damn though that is probably scientifically known as BATSHIT INSANE!
  • I get it tomorrow or friday I am getting excited, game sent it out on tuesday evening..
  • There have been quite a few bad reviews and I am confused by them. I played it at mate the other day was rather good fun as far as I can tell..
  • I watched this at the cinema when it first came out I was high and it was still shit :( I know very little about captain america but enough to make the film shit also I spotted a M113 in one of scenes and was really confused. I found it disappointing and the 3d pointless.
  • I noticed I can do it from the XBL dashboard or would if the damned thing would work..
  • Man trilogy, a bunch of Maths, and probably get one or two other little things done.. Make some calls and play some more Fallout 3.
  • Hmm after a little thinking I came up with this.. 1. Dog Fashion Disco - Moonlight City Drive 2.69 Eyes - Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams 3.Pink Floyd - Us and them 4.Slipknot - Vermillion pt2 5.The Stranglers - Golden Brown 6.System of a Down - Deer Dance 7.Nirvana - Man Who Sold the World 8.Louis Armstrong -What a Wonderful…
  • Yeah still here mate. I do believe they bring them in during the day and that it is completely random. I am actually rather worried by this as irrational as it sounds. Also they are one of the top college's in the country and this year they want to be number 1. So it would not surprise me if they were really tough on it.…
  • Trust me I don't plan on taking any to college etc or even smoking there! The course I am doing involves loads of maths and lathes etc. I have more sense than it it's just I wouldn't be surprised by it.
  • This seriously, when my friends and i play it becomes a race for nick and coach... Also not ending up as Rochelle.
  • Depends how silly I was.. on the extreme end of the scale I'd say the Neutron Bomb, it's nice and quick and clean and gets things done! Whilst we are being silly I say round up the lot of them and ship them one way to Mogadishu job done.
  • I would say shoot the lot of them but to be honest Capital Punishment makes you as bad as the folk your putting down. Maybe give them a free one way ticket to down town Mogadishu or Australia... I still find the whole thing unbelievable the way it's escalated..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCkNu9OxThc Ahh well good…
  • Tbh pics or gtfo! Surprised no one else has said it!
  • Well I am away until after it comes out I am however planning on preordering it and then playing it when I get back. I still feel as though I will be disappointed, so I am looking at no reviews trailers etc. so it's one big surprise my mate said CVG gave it 10/10 but that's all I know. That and there is regenerating health…
  • With Stella and Heinken they taste good in europe nicer still not worth raving about. The thing is though they have there place mainly as something in summer cold and refreshing. Most Trappist beers I find them not my thing mainly I find the too sweet and disappointing.
  • These days I pay £20 for about 3.2g but once september comes around my sourcing method will change and it will be back to paying £20 for 1.5g.
  • Hahaha NERDS! Ok erm where was I yeah I have heard bad, I mean interesting things about the CoCRPG mainly the game revolves around a "sanity roll". Basically roll "oh fuck I've gone batshit insane" rinse repeat then again if your lucky with your rolls you may end up flying a seaplane straight at Cthulu's head whilst…
  • And this is why people aren't allowed nice things :/ Never used it or even been on it but as has been said it's an good concept. Sounds like a good way to find some of the more interesting things.
  • Serious? Oh wow. Was just going to write that you've done the right thing in more ways than one staying with her quitting your lifestyle etc. Still if you think that it's the right thing to do then I am sure you have thought this through :) I am sure it was a tough decision, but you know what's best. To be honest you still…
  • TBH when you get to that point you don't think of anyone else but you and getting out of the situation. Then again the couple of times I did it was more a cry for help. That was a few years ago. Bad times. Also if I had to kill myself and had a choice I'd choose this:
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  • + = [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOErZuzZpS8"]YouTube - Arthur Brown - Fire[/ame]
  • Damn that's awesome 28days later much :P What was it before it was ruined? Have you considered putting some &t stencils or posters? Anyway awesome cheers for posting it :D
  • A walrus I once knew said he'd paid £25 for 3.5g of bud and earlier in the week his friend had paid £20 for 1.5g of supposed "cheese".
  • Was just going to post this ahh well.. Anyway I point I saw raised elsewhere is that if they restrict it to only dutch people then under EU law that would be discrimination and as such they could be sued. Also this will kill the cannabis cup effectively killing off a lot of the american tourists in November who spend an…
  • Ahh good old Aldi booze :D Mine was an ok night spent talking to my mate at the other side of the country and getting merry.
  • That is the theory I work off, yes I did indeed pussy out of using torrents :facepalm: I got scared and said.. I used to torrent loads everything but then I got worried I'd get caught so went to using file hosting which can be a bit fail but I prefer..