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  • Do not use CVS instant cold packs! On the box it says ammonia nitrate and water. But if you go to there website it actually says calcium ammonia nitrate and water this is why I have been having recent troubles with my stories. Personally I'm using Walgreens cold packs now and having no issues. Just a lil tip for you…
  • Got a question. Did a story today finally got a sodastream bottle.( They sell at bed bath and beyond btw) anyway while cooking my fuel got this purple tint to it and and my product came back with it any reason why? Also it never would completely dry, I did a shot anyway and it burned my arm up the blood that went into the…
  • Ok I'm going to explain my story and need help I've been reading these stories on here for a few days now to better my own but would like advice. My story goes with a 20 oz coke bottle ( I see everyone uses sodastream bottles but not planning to use one at this time) , I add these ingredients in this order. Coleman ,1 lith…