Father and Sun

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"Father and Sun"
Father and the morning sun look out upon the day
One man tells the other there’s something I have to say
War is growing in the West and to it I must go
But I’ll have a son soon, would you please show him the way

Sun soldier staring into the sky
Trained to fight, trained to die
As he grows older he is told he must be
A hero like his father, but he doesn’t know why

Father and sun,
When the war is won
Father and sun,
When lines are drawn

Boy hero in a war
Fight a battle, fight one more
Leading men to victory
A new chapter of lore
The morning sun tells him boy
There’s a battle soon to come
Fight hard and fight strong
For your father is the one

Father and sun
When the war is won
Father and sun
When lines are drawn

Steel machines clash in the morning summer day
Cries of fallen brothers and each side must pray
When the elder sees his son
Only one can walk away
Father says boy
I must apologize
But I had to change sides
Or else I’d have died

Dad, the sun showed me the light
When all I saw was the night
I’m afraid that I must try
To kill you or die

Father and sun
When the war is won
There will only be one
There will only be one
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