Hell yeah, my FASFA cleared

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Looks like another year of free college. Nice.

Just so all the broke US people know, if you don't have any drug convictions (which I barely managed to escape way too many times now), you can attend a lot of schools for free. I'm able to attend a state university, it's not very prestegious but whatever.


  • Dr. AwkwardDr. Awkward Regular
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    Nice indeed. State universities in general can give amazing educations depending on what you put in to it and going for free isn't a bad deal at all. I was lucky enough to get tuition exchange granted for a $50,000/year private university so I'm going for like $8,000 :o
  • MarijuanasaurusMarijuanasaurus Regular
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    I should be getting my money at the end of this month. Most of that will be going towards weed. I mean, they give you the money for school right? And weed helps me study and expand my mind, so I dont see why not. :o
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