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Well on the 6th me and some friends decided to go camping and do some rc's.
Before we headed out to the lake and camping area I had snorted a couple lines of M1 and then popped 10-15 mgs of 2ci around 8:30 or 9:00 pm.
When we got there my girlfriend decided to take about 50 mgs or so of M1 and 10-15 of 2ci (she has never tried 2ci before).
About a half hour in me and a friend decided to drive into town to get fire wood and ran into someone we had just recently started hanging around.
The three of us got back and I had started tripping and according to my girl, the darkness, her tripping and the fact that I just flat out look like the guy that we brought back with us, freaked her out and made her scared of me.
Fortunately my friend bean (AKA Jamie Madrox) is like family to her and let her sit on his lap and talked her through a few hours of freaking out and not being able to sit up on her own and trying to stay away from me. The next morning she had calmed down and was starting to enjoy the trip again, so I went over to the other tent where they had been tripping on 2ci and 2ce, smoking m1 and snorting lines of it the size of my pinky finger. I did a line of it, and then decided to try what ever kind of "jwh-somethin" they had because I don't like thc highs or anything similar and they said this feels more like "Taking a handful of vicoden."
Soon after that I almost choked to death on my tongue because I was completely numb.
So the whole thing ended pretty much like this, Everyone had realized they had made a fool of themselves that night, we realized the two guys that camped in the next site over had been moaning and shit all night, and me and my girlfriend went back to my place laying in bed tring to sleep and still tripping until around 4pm that night.
I don't know if I want to try 2ci again after all of this....:facepalm:


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    lulz. People
  • MonoxidechildMonoxidechild New Arrival
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    people? lol
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    Camping is fun. You made it un-fun.
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    Well that kinda sounds a little un-fun. Sounds like you also rushed into it and didn't make sure you had the right enviroment before tripping, especially with a first-timer with you. Oh well, better luck next time.
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    Yeah especially around first timers, you need to guide and orchestrate the vibes carefully. Like if someone starts freaking out, maybe just smile at them (dont try to smother or hug them), start singing, put a blanket around them or have them breathe deeply, look at the stars. Its a very delicate matter...youre a lot more sensitive and susceptible to vibes when on psychs. But yeah most of all, everyone should be in the right mindset to start off with...curious, excited. Just springing it on someone at the last minute who's never done it before usually results on gnarly bad vibrations all around- esp as the now-tripping veterans have to babysit the noob.
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    She's done 2c-e a handful of times and liked it. None of us really care for 2c-I. Also nothing was sprung on her, she made the last minute decision to take the 2c-I for the first time, and eat M1 with it. Aside from having a full lap for most of the night (which I didn't really mind), and our gay neighbors fucking, We had a decent time. I personally took around 20mgs of 2c-I. I also ended up selling 28mgs of 2c-e and a gram of M1.
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