The Hero Archetype

OsirisOsiris Acolyte
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It is everywhere from the lion king to the bible, it is why men strap bombs to themselves and self immolate, it is why other men go and get shot up. I relate to all of these people, and I would probably be one if I didn't have a criminal record and didn't know the value of keeping my soul intact. So why do we need to be hero's? It isn't that the world needs a hero to save it, man created the hero because he needed it to feel valuable in some way, maybe? I don't know. Can evolutionary psychology answer this question?

My question is this, how can you remain humble while trying to follow this archetype, and really, what purpose does is serve besides inflating our ego's?

"What the self destructive man doesn't realize is that society, just as he does, has invested interests and considerable losses, these wars, famines, and disasters meet well defined needs."
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