Anonymous traffic, encryption to address hiding

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Hi, didn't see a compiled thread yet.

Strategies I am familiar with:

- Use someone else’s network. This is self-explanatory(coffee shops, hotels, neighbors)

- Proxy sites. I’m weary of using these for anything involving login information because any Joe can set one up for mischief. Great for a quick fix in public places(school, library, friend’s house). I don't have a particular favorite- usually just google one when there is a need.

- Tor network (

Basically a bunch of encrypted proxy nodes with an ever changing route between them. Set up involves installing a client and configuring applications to use the network. Firefox has a plugin that makes it pretty easy to use.


For more information on how it works,

Realizing what Tor doesn’t do:

-Encrypting traffic
Different apps have plugins or options for encrypting traffic. (pidgin otr has been mentioned)

These are the strategies I am aware of for anonymizing web traffic.
What do you do to stay anonymous?


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    I use a VPN, and occasionally a web proxy. Never really bothered with TOR. Used JAP a few times though.
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    What about Socks5 proxies?
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    I never use Tor. Wifi + 2 Socks Proxy Chain is good enough for me when I'm doing normal hacking. Anything more warrants more socks, different mac addresses, vm's, etc.
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