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-SpectraL-SpectraL Will Faggert
edited July 2011 in Infractions
-SpectraL has reported a private message.

This moderator is abusing the infraction system against members reporting spam that the moderator has deliberately not moved out of the discussion threads he is supposed to be moderating.
Sent by: GeneralMcBoozer
Original Content:
Dear -SpectraL,

You have received a warning at Community.

Abusing Report Feature

Please do not abuse the report feature.
Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, child porn, flooding,hacking, exploits and harmful posts that will put Totse in danger, DO NOT USE IT FOR ANYTHING ELSE, users who abuse this feature will be banned.[/qoute]

Original Post:
-SpectraL has reported a post.

boot this useless cunt
Post: Hey DFG I found out why your power keeps cutting out
Forum: I Found it on the Web
Assigned Moderators: RemadE, GeneralMcBoozer

Posted by: CaptainFalcon
Original Content:
Shut up, dumb motherpisser.

Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow.

All the best,


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