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Blah wtf. I have it. Currently removing it with Stopzilla only because MalewareBytez couldn't DL. (I think it was being blocked.) But whats the deal with these things?

I wasn't DLing anything, the only thing I had open was The Pirate Bay tab, and Totse. Do these things lay dormant in a computer until something triggers it. Like a logicbomb? How does AV not detect this? I have ESET NOD32. It kept blocking attacks but this is all to late, as I was being spammed with fake virus scans.

EDIT: Fuck Stopzilla. They don't do shit for free and it takes 10 years to scan. Finally got MB to go. I love that shit, quick scan saved my ass and now I'm on a full scan.


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    So, you fixed the problem now? Sounds pretty odd, whatever happened.
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    PirateBay advertisement was the culprit. Infected ad that linked to an iframe that linked to an exploit pack that sent the rogue AV software into your system. And yea, it was blocking MBAM. They lay dormant for up to 30 minutes. AV's are outdated and worthless; don't detect half the shit out there. Let's see, what else.... If you were blocking ads, then you're infected with some other malware that uploaded the rogue AV onto your computer and executed it, better keep that full scan running either way :/
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    Get yourself adblock man, saves a load of hassle with things like this.
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