Road Trip

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Road Trip


Breckin Meyer
Seann William Scott
Amy Smart
Paulo Costanzo
DJ Qualls
Tom Green
Rachel Blanchard
Anthony Rapp
Fred Ward
Andy Dick

Like the title says... Road trip! Some college kids go on a road trip across the US to meet up with their significant others, probably do drugs, have wacky adventures, start a cult, and have fun with a snake.



Sorry about missing a part, and the audio is lost on one. But to be honest, I don't think most people that comment watch these anyways...

On another note though, this did make use of a strong cast of actors that were either just establishing themselves, or were seen as strong up-incomers. Though it didn't work so well for all their careers, some pressed on anyways. Notably Breckin Meyer now works on Robot Chicken. Tom Green has an online show. Seann William Scott and Amy Smart both continue in movies with hit/miss successes. etc.



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    Why have you done this?
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    Pretty sure I watched this before and it was a pretty great movie. Shame I don't really remember any of it now, but eh. I'll watch it again sometime, anything with Sean William Scott in is a winner for me, that guy's hilarious.
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    movie is funny.. tom green was almost like the jackass guys b4 they were cool
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    Why have you done this?

    What do you mean? I do one of these each week. You can see the exact same thread over at Zoklet, where I've been doing them even longer. Where have you been?
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    Haha great fucking movie but yeah you are right. This was a huge deal for many of the actors who at the time were just getting going in there movie careers. Saw this some ought years ago and still remember every piece by heart. Great movie is about as much as I can say. Even that swerp skinny fucker got his name out there with this movie.
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    jarkof wrote: »
    Even that swerp skinny fucker got his name out there with this movie.

    DJ Qualls has the weirdest name ever. Really, DJ is what he likes to credit himself as...
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    Good pick. I haven't seen this movie in years. :thumbsup:
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