Totse's List of Life Affirming Songs (philosophical and otherwise)

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Originally made this on Zoklet but I think it will better appreciated here. Check it guys...

:D:D:D and add your own!

This is a thread for all those songs that make you wanna live, love, reflect, and expand.

Transcending our experiences we meet new opportunites. Heres to the greatness of life!

-On the Radio – Regina Spektor

When it comes to reflecting on life and the human response to the romantic question I feel no other song is as clear, poignant, or delightful.

The Adventure – Angels and Airwaves

In my ignorant view this song is the best tribute to the goodness within us all. Growth, progress, love, light, truth, the very driving forces of creation in both macrocosm and microcosm condensed into one song. “Here I am”, the words of open spirituality and the “name” of God, are highlighted.

Come on Eileen – (covered by) Save Ferris

This song is a funny, fanciful, playful look at sex and blossoming romance between youths discovering the fruits of adulthood and reflecting upon the pasts of their elders, completing a circle of what the speaker sees as growth and evolution.

-One Day -- Matisyahu

A loving, masterful ode to the hope of peace and an end to suffering on earth derived from distinctly spiritual sources that the singer suggests permeate our world and our vision.

-Drive – Incubus

Letting go of fear and creating your own destiny, self determination as the conclusive force of self definition- this song celebrates it.

-Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers

All of existence and creation in the thousand fold layers of symbolism in this masterpiece. This is a multifaceted “Bible” of modern music.

-Make You Feel That Way – Blackalicious

A laid back and affectionate look at the little things in life that reflect the greater and ever present love within and without us.

-Libera Me from Hell- OST Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Do the impossible, see the invisible, row row, fight the powah. If you need a song to inspire the FUCK out of you, it probably should be this one. I suggest setting it to play, stand looking from a window at a high vantage point, close your eyes, then open them when you feel it.

Jump - Van Halen

Express, confess, and LIVE! The song about not letting life getting you down, through its ins, outs, and obstacles Jump has Van Halen telling us to celebrate living anyway.

Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen - Baz Luhrmann

The sober observations and suggestions of a man who has lived sharing learned truths that resonate to eternity and nearly always lead to self examination.

Year of the Rat- Badly Drawn Boy

This is one of the better holistically justified requests for a more loving and peaceful world identifying love as the singular bringer of peace.

Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen

A total celebration of existence and fun, this song powerfully expresses the unyielding will to have a damn good time, making the best out of a situation and life.

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

In the words of some rolling stone writer “Pure sonic sunshine”, this song is very much a tribute to hope: the hope for love, the hope for opportunity, and optimistic expectation of the various possibilities of a brand new day.

Spirit of Radio – Rush

This is a song that is best listened to while driving as the sun rises with your windows down and feeling the “rush” of wind hitting you. Incredible, inspiring, uplifting, magical, it is the great song of radio love, the freedom of music, and a celebration of the freedom of man.

Handlebars - Flobots

"I can..." do anything. A rap song talking about the good aspects of ambition? No way! Yes way. This song is all about possibilities and our capabilities to achieve them. Somewhat morally ambiguous though.

Float On - Modest Mouse

Its all right. Really. This a song that does of marvelous job of sounding strange and foreign yet heartfelt and familiar. Indeed, having a bad day is a familiar feeling, living in a world on a sad track to the slaughterhouse...yet, we can step away once we see it and appreciate for what it is. And in so doing love the world and ourselves. This song is about real kind of living where we cant help but see sublimity in the seemingly trite and mundane.

Book of Days - Enya

The winds of hope and life can't help but stir to the melody of this song. A path, a dream, a hope, a vision- what glowing goals glimmer in your heart to the sound of this song? Find out.

What I Got - Sublime

So whats important in life? Bradley Nowell had an idea. With their funky smooth beats this song is a human reminder of whats important and why.

Please go ahead and suggest what you can.

And don't forget to believe in yourself on the way out.


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    Great one.

    Pork and Beans-

    Be smart, be nerdy, be plain, be silly, be human, be stupid, be arbitrary, be you. All that you are is perfectly enough.
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    Regina Spektor always reminds me of robinhoody, lol.

    Let's see... here's one but I don't quite know how to describe it. Dedicated to all the closet rapists and perverts in totse:

    It's live though; the studio version always gets pulled down from jewtube.
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    C'mon, what's more cheerful then peaches?

    Her voice. Orgasms. "It is important to get really drunk and fuck everything up"; words of wisdom, Squinch Owl.

    Go wherever the fuck you want, suck my cock cops. (The songs not originally by them, but it's a good cover)

    To be honest with you I have no idea what this songs about.

    Best love song ever.
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    am I doin it rite? :confused:
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    Nice submissions!

    I've got a caveat here guys.

    When you post something, as xxombie and I did, write about why it strikes you as a "life affirming" song. That way the thread doesnt die under the mound of youtube links and can become a discussion.
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    Tim Minchin: Some People Have It Worse Than Me
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    Ulver - Eos

    [ame=" - Ulver - Eos[/ame]

    Blasting this through every speaker in a small mansion with a girl I'd just met, tripping balls on acid and gazing through a green valley to watch the sun rise over distant mountains was pretty life affirming...Hell, the song just makes life worth living.
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    Brian Eno - The Big Ship

    YouTube - Brian Eno - The Big Ship

    This is the song I'm having played at my funeral. No words, just slow-building perfection that brings up brilliant imagery every time I hear it....Like riding a large yacht out to sea and into the golden light of dawn breaking in the distance...The waves swell with the music.
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