Grand Celestial Do - The Fighting Art of the Cosmos

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There was a ton of stuff about this on Bullshido some years ago and I can't remember if turned out to be legit or not but apparently some people from another site actually visited them and one of their classes. The site seems to have become inactive since then so it's pretty old but still worth a good read/laugh. Also, the website makes my eyes bleed.
In 1976, George Salusbury was abducted by an UFO. Having spent 11 years on the aliens' planet, he acquired the knowledge of a revolutionary fighting system -- Grand Celestial Do : The Fighting Art of the Cosmos. His mission is to spread this new art to everyone on Earth. Are you ready for the future?
(Special Note: Master Ziegler will be teaching the class while Grandmaster Salusbury is currently making numerous visits to the Intergalactic Solstice Committee in the Orion System)
Schedule: Tuesdays, Thursdays -- 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM / Tuition: $750.00 per month.
Grand Celestial Do uses Photonic Energy as its power source. Is this energy the same as "chi" or "ki" in eastern martial arts?

Photonic Energy is a totally different type of energy than "chi" or "ki" found in Earth-based martial art systems. "Chi" does exist, but it is a very primitive form of energy and very low on the evolutionary scale. In fact, the Visitors scoffed at the use of "chi," because of how weak it is compared to Photonic Energy.
"Salusbury also gives intimate details of the warm brotherhood he developed with the aliens and how he fathered several children, mating with several alien females, creating a more genetically evolved hybrid. This real life tale will be both inspirational and fascinating to read."
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