Hell yeah

OsirisOsiris Acolyte
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Last night I found some opium and proceeded to spend nearly all the money I had on it. I'm usually pretty frugal but I only use certain drugs that I feel are more organic than others, like opium, mescaline, mushrooms. These don't come around very often so I blew all my money, but now I don't really have money for food for the rest of the week. So I went to the grocery store and with the customer card I have they had a half off deal on assorted vitamins. So I bought the most expensive vitamins I could find with the last of my money and went directly to the human resource line and returned them for full price when I only paid for half. Rice and beans for a week, hell yeah. Its not the most clever or foolproof scam, but it helped me out so I thought I would share the information.


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