Earthquake felt in texas

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So i am here in my dorm room watching a show on my computer when the whole room starts shaking. I thought I was just imagining it, or that the girl next door was doing it real good lol . Nope I just experienced my first Earthquake.


  • DfgDfg Admin
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    5.6, the real fun begins when you reach 7.7. But I am glad you're okay.
  • Sarahlov3lySarahlov3ly Regular
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    Yeah we all were a little freaked out. Everyone kept going around asking"Did you feel that ?" hahaha
  • jehsiboijehsiboi Kanga Rump Ranga
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    We have been having some small earthquakes in Australia of late it's pretty weird.. I experienced the one in Townsville about 6 months ago ... Though it didn't really bother anyone (as everyone around that area are hardened by the yearly cyclones and floods... Yasi was fucking extreme) ... There has also been one in adelaide recently which is fucking bizarre as I spent my first 15 years there and never experienced one .. I asked my mum about radalaide and earth quakes and she said in the 40+ years she lived there she had never been in one ether ... Strange .. But your right they are pretty fucking scary
  • blindbatblindbat Regular
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    i like earthquakes . they're sorta fun , @least the small one that don't destroy shit , they make my heart race and i like it.
  • DaktologistDaktologist Global Moderator
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    We have had some decent sized earthquakes here in the past year.
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    The only earthquake I've ever experienced was so pussy that I woke up at about 3am, spaced out like a bastard. I heard the noise of it and I honestly thought it was my neighbor listening to drum and bass really loud. The next morning I woke up and remembered the event, only to also remember that the person living next door is actually an old granny who'd never listen to anything other than Classical :facepalm:

    Most people slept through it though. UK has like, very few earthquakes which is good.
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    trx100 wrote: »
    Most people slept through it though. UK has like, very few earthquakes which is good.

    Would love to experience an earthquake. But still...
  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    I have felt two of them when I lived in Las Vegas. The first one was while I was sleeping. It woke me from the crap falling off the top shelf in my bedroom closet. I jumped out of bed and felt the concrete floor of my first floor apartment "rolling" under my bare feet for a second and then it was over. The second one was when I was working at a the Golden Nugget on the craps tub. That one was not quite as powerful but the way it swung the massive chandelier hanging 30 feet over the craps pit did cause me some concern.
  • kfc v lotkfc v lot Regular
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    There were earthquakes here a few years back, puny things to people who used to them we on the other hand never had one before. Personally I woke up in the night to a massive rumble and went back to sleep assuming it was a dream until my sister mentioned it was all over the local radio(she was working there at the time).
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