Urgent: Need a PHP Dev (or some with some knowledge or just a programmer)

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Okay, this is simple enough problem. I am already digging through the mess, I remembered that some of us have worked with PHP and can easily handle certain task. Here is the problem:
[h=3]Step 2: Creating Upsell Payment Links[/h] Now that you’ve created your upsell Pitch Pages, it’s time to add accept and decline payment links to them. An upsell payment link is the same as any other payment link, with the exception of these two parameters: cbur (response type) and cbf (session identifier).
The cbur response type parameter tells ClickBank if the customer has accepted or declined your upsell offer. Therefore, your upsell Pitch Page must include two payment links, one with an accept (a) value and the other with a decline (d) value.
For example, the accept button should use the following payment link format:
The decline button would use the following payment link format:
Advanced Users:
The cbf session identification parameter allows you to offer upsells to customers with disabled browser cookies (approximately 10% of customers). You are not required to use the cbf session identification parameter; however, if it is not used, customers with disabled cookies will be redirected to the standard order confirmation page, rather than your first upsell Pitch Page.
When the customer makes a purchase, ClickBank will pass the cbf parameter to your first upsell Pitch Page. You must then capture the parameter and pass it back to ClickBank in the payment link. This may be accomplished using a dynamic programming language such as perl, php, jsp, asp, .net or others.
If you are not experienced with dynamic programming, we recommend hiring an experienced developer for assistance.
An example of how to retrieve the parameter using php is: $_REQUEST.
Example payment links:
http://3.somenick.pay.clickbank.net/?cbur=a&cbf=<parameter passed>
http://3.somenick.pay.clickbank.net/?cbur=d&cbf=<parameter passed>

via: http://www.clickbank.com/help/vendor-help/vendor-tools/one-click-upsell/

I have the flow funnel in place but I need the CBF details.

Just to give you an idea how this works.

A) User goes to a payment page such as payment.html. He clicks on the payment link and then gets into the funnel.
B) User pays the money and registers his account and then gets taken immediately. [This I am trying to fix because I think I saw the problem here]

I need a script that can capture the cbf parameter and forward it to the next page. It should be quite simple but for the life of me, I can't figure it out. Need help.


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