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Not sure how this will go, but only one way to find out right?

Well, back on totse I know we used to all add each other. I had quite a few of you cool motherfuckers at one point, but eventually ended up blocking everyone on my list 'cept maybe 10 people.

So yeah, [email protected]

I have a skype too, but I don't have a mic or a cam or anything. I blow most (all) of what little money I get on weed, because that's just how I roll. You can talk at me while I type at you (some weirdo does this with me occasionally), my name is techno.viking69.

I don't have AIM because I'm not a faggot, but I bet at least one or two of you use it for whatever reason. Weirdos.

Facebook is cool and all, but you should probably stick to PMing people you actually want to add you. A bunch of crazy ass totseans hassling your mom/grandmother/little sister for newds would be pretty lulzy for the rest of us, but might be less than impressed. Don't bother posting 'em in this thread.

So, lets get the community to start communicating again. How about it?

PS: This is my first truly official OFFICIAL thread. I feel so fucking boss. Orange arrows for everyone.



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