It seems finding someone that you can live with isn't that easy

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Okay, it's no surprise that I am being forced to marry, the family bitches about it, the society demands it and deep inside you tend to feel the hunger. But I got ride of the sexual part by going wild in another Country with sexy girls that don't mind giving me some. Although the sample size could have been exclusive and better but hey I am not complaining. I got my dick wet and I am happy.

Now, I avoid social events, I do it because it fucking triggers my management/socializer side. It's dangerous you guys sort of know what I am capable off, I can easily rip people off (but I don't) and being funny and sleazy is easy as fuck for me. And I am troll, a real fucking troll (the good ones).

Now take all that information and try to think of a decent enough match. You can't find any. So in the end I figured I should lower my expectation and try diving into the scene and finding the right gem.

Went to a Uni event, did the talking part. Met a girl she was tall 5'7" and decent. Fluent in English and confident. So, I was feeling bored and I talked to her. In few short sentences got the juicy parts out. She was going to graduate, and was supposed to marry someone in her family. It was arranged and she liked the idea.

Spent two days with her, made all the innocent adorable gestures, painted myself as a fun loving awesome dude. She liked it and got her information including cell phone number (we shared a list with DOX). So both parties had the contact information and I send her the e-mail with the information she asked.

btw, I am trying not to mention any accurate details because I don't want to get identified.

He response was open and positive. Which hinted that maybe she is open to the idea or wants something else. So, We exchanged few e-mails, the first went well but I did notice a time gap. My second e-mail which was crafted to tease her and possibly make her react didn't get any response. Now I know what I said in that e-mail and I am sure any women would either get ANGRY or would find it admirable.

She didn't respond. And that ticked me off, I waited and then send her another e-mail telling her about pictures. I got an immediate response!

This confirmed my thoughts and I know without a doubt that it's not going to work. So, I send her another e-mail and got an e-mail with her reasoning.

In short, my future husband has access to all my accounts and she thinks he is open minded enough to accept a lol good guy like me and she deleted my other e-mail because she wasn't comfortable with it.

Simple reasoning but he one act of trust showed that she can't be trusted. I cannot fathom letting anyone use any of my accounts, I cannot talk to someone that lets some other guy (not married) dive into a private conversation. This might seem a moot point but it's something which is a big red flag.

So, with all my doubts confirmed. I just cut her off.

TL;DR: Tested some religious girl, results came negative, saved myself from another bullet in the making.

In short, always test the girls. I wish there was a female version of me that I could just fucking marry and get on with it. Fucking hell.

Fuck marriage.

EDIT: I should say that it's actually good for the guy that she at least trusts him completely. She is not a bad person but I just didn't want to end up being a third wheel.

Plus, considering this:!?p=250146#post250146

I am actually cautious of women now.
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