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Taken from Reddit (TIFU) Read it. It's worth it.

Let's set the scene shall we? My (now ex) wife was the most beautiful woman I had ever had the pleasure of being with. She was an amazing person when we first started dating, was always nice, wouldn't let me pay for anything (even though I vehemently suggested the opposite) and let me into her life very easily. She let me meet her little brother and her grandparents on our third date, which never happened with any of her previous boyfriends. She and I worked well together, I made her laugh, she made me laugh, but she had some obvious quirks. She often felt like I was abusing her, even though I wasn't. She thought I was overly attached to my parents, even though I practically completely cut them off to be with her most of the time. Just some things that concerned me.

So it's Valentine's Day, we had been dating for two months, and I had already asked her to marry me because I was sure that she was the one and I was desperately in love with her. We go out to dinner, and she indicated that she wanted to consummate our newly founded engagement. We head to my house, and I inform her, as I am informing you now, that it is my first real time having sex. As is expected, I last probably two minutes, and I realize something. I never protected myself. Yes, pregnancy, and a push forward of the wedding date ensues. She and I marry on May 8, 2010. Being a fresh college graduate and jobless, she was supporting us along with a hefty wedding present in the form of $5000 from my great grandmother. This is where our marital problems started. She felt that I wasn't a good provider, even after scoring a job in my field making $40k a year.

Fast forward 2 years. We're living in a house I bought as she had stopped working after having our son, and things are sour. We both love each other, and I am in love with her, but she is obviously not in love with me anymore. I'm breaking my back (Literally, slipped a disc) at a new job making more money than the last, and she is wanting to discuss divorce. We decide that the best way to try to work on our marriage is to spice things up in the bedroom. We try to have sex more often, but she's so emotionally damaged from events that happened to her previously in life, that once she has had an orgasm, she's done, and she either starts crying, or gets violently angry with me about something unrelated. This goes on for a month or so, and then one day I went to wash the dishes. This is where everything changed.

I was washing away, having an inoccuous conversation with her, and she cracks a joke about having sex with someone else. I, being the kind of lover I am, want to do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I can to make my partner happy. If it would have made her happy for me to cut my finger off and feed it to the dog, I would have. I retort with: "You can have sex with whoever you want to. If I don't do it for you anymore, I love you so I just want you to be happy." She instantly turns to me and says, stone faced and almost with a hint of giddiness in her voice, "Do you want an open marriage?" "If that's what will make you happy," I replied. She, like a lightning bolt hitting a tree, slams her hand into her pocket, pulls out her phone, and texts her ex-boyfriend. The last man she was with before she and I started dating. The one I essentially stole her from. I know this, because I asked her who she was texting, and she told me, bold faced. She and I talk for several hours, and set rules. Now, I am a big man. I weighed over 320 lbs at the time, and she was in fairly good physical condition and was very good looking, a trophy-wife of sorts. So later that night, I put our son to bed, and my wife decides she's going to go to Wal-Mart. Guess where the ex-boyfriend works? My wife disappears for 3 hours. At the 1 hour mark, I was filled with wonderment at what sort of deals she could have seen to keep her at the bastion of consumerism for this long, as we only live 10 minutes away from our local Wal-Mart. At 2 hours, I'm worried, and frantically calling and texting her to no avail. At 3 hours, I finally get a phone call telling me she's on her way home, and she got caught up talking to her friend Jessica from high school at the store. Yeah. Right.

My wife comes home, and fucks my brains out. It was the best, roughest, and kinkiest sex we have had our entire marriage. Needless to say, I wasn't mad about the Wal-Mart trip anymore. Now the next morning is why I mentioned my weight previously. The next morning, she awakens to a fully cooked breakfast in bed, as I was wont to do at least once every couple of weeks. While she's eating, the kiddo's playing in his room on the other side of the house. I figure it's better late than never to have this conversation. I tell her I don't want to have an open marriage, I only said that to make her happy. If we were to continue in it, she already has someone lined up, where it would take me forever to find someone with which to carry out these deeds. Also the lack of desire to carry out such deeds on my part wouldn't really leave us in an open marriage, it would just be me letting her cheat on me. A three hour conversation ensues, in which she indicated she was excited about the concept, and if we didn't go through with it, she would be highly disappointed. I agree to continue letting her text her ex-boyfriend, as they had miraculously built up a friendship in the preceding 18 hours. Hmmm, I wonder how that happened?

Fast forward another 3 months, and her ex (Who we will refer to as Eldrich von Oppenheimer III, or E for short) is now coming to our house to eat dinner with us and hang out with us regularly. He and I are "friends" I guess at this point. On this particular evening in October, it was the week after my birthday, and my ex (Hereafter referred to as Marilyn Whipplesnap Reagan, or M for short) has invited E over to our house to hang out. Our son is out for the night, being watched by my parents for the evening to return the following morning. Now, a couple of weeks before this, I had asked my wife what her greatest sexual fantasy was. She said she had always wanted to have sex with another man while I watched and pleasured myself in the corner. Back to us all hanging out, we all decide to get tanked. M pulls me to the side, unbeknownst to E, and decides tonight is the night we're going to fulfill this fantasy. We head to the liquor store, then adjourn back to our abode. I proceed to drink more than fucking Caligula. I'm going to have to be drunk to go through with this.

We all get pretty tanked, me much more than the other two, and M sits in E's lap. She makes out with him in front of me, both of us assuring him it's okay, and we all move to the bed chamber. We undress, and E proceeds to plow my wife like a dry field in the heat of summer. He was in peak physical condition, and fucked her like a porn star. M decides to give me a turn before she comes, I go to perform, and my heavily liquored up little friend gets stage fright. I indicate that I am unable to perform due to what most would call "Whiskey Dick" and E finishes my wife off without shooting inside of her. If anyone could have, it would have been me because I've had a vasectomy by this point (Preview of next TIFU story) and then we all talk about the experience. I explain my apprehension to both of them, and they talk me into trying again. This happened 7 times that night. I know what you're thinking: But OP, doesn't your ex wife start crying after having one orgasm, and not want to do anything else the rest of the night? Good question! It must have been the fact that it wasn't with the man that she had, and I'm quoting her, "Sold herself into slavery with."
This has gone on long enough. Allow me to fast forward to the end. My son and E had grown a small friendship, and E had let my son play with his NRA registry card in his room one day. The next day, my parents, who had no idea of this episode, or that E was even coming around, decided to come over. My mother found the card in my son's room, and flips THE FUCK out. M and I explain the whole situation, and my parents leave still fuming and now no longer welcome in my home. Turns out I wasn't long behind them. M served my son and I dinner at the table, and I told her I wasn't hungry. She told me, "I think you should eat at least one last meal at the house with your son." Yes, my friends, my ex wife had made me alienate my family, and in the same breath kicked me out of the home that we had bought together leaving me with nowhere to go but to my parents.
Before you comment, I left her the house in the divorce to ensure that my son could grow up in the same place as he has since his birth. Second, I didn't fight for full custody of my son, as I had recently been let go from my job at this point, and was unable to financially provide for him. My parents paid for my divorce.

This is a cautionary tale of love and ignorance.

Tl;DR I let my wife have a threesome, my parents found out, and she kicked me out of the house.

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    That sounds like she was going to try to make him her cuckold until he refused. His ex wife is a fucking bitch. I got lucky with mine. We have little drama and while she does have primary custody and I did have to fight for the allotted time that I get with my little one she now lets me see her all the time. Hell she spent the last 2 nights with me (the baby not my wife, that ship has sunk). I feel really bad for this guy but at least it's pretty much over for him now.
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    That sounds like she was going to try to make him her cuckold until he refused. His ex wife is a fucking bitch. I got lucky with mine. We have little drama and while she does have primary custody and I did have to fight for the allotted time that I get with my little one she now lets me see her all the time. Hell she spent the last 2 nights with me (the baby not my wife, that ship has sunk). I feel really bad for this guy but at least it's pretty much over for him now.

    Yep, plus reading these tales warn YOU about what could go wrong.
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    Wadda dumbfuck!
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