This is guy is awesome, don't leave your condoms hanging. Dispose them yourself

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Taken from a forum.

I've mentioned Tom Leykis on this forum previously (regarding a show of his about piracy), but for those of you who've missed it and who haven't known the pleasure of listening to him, Tom is a syndicated radio talk show host based in Los Angeles with a loyal fan following in every city where he airs. He talks about anything and everything for four hours every weekday, but is probably most famous for Leykis 101 -- his on-air "adult education course" about how to get women to put out for less money (and for women to learn how men think) -- and for his weekly Flash Fridays in the summer months, when women listeners on freeways around the nation flash every male listener they come across. (This may be a feature of other radio shows too, but Tom was the originator about 15 years ago.)

Anyhow, some would say he's sexist, but he and his millions of fans would say that it is for good reason because of all the horrible things women have been known to do. Such as ... women who will fish through garbage cans after protected sex and empty the contents of the condom into themselves so as to get pregnant and rope a guy into 18 years of child support. Seriously. Women do that in the USA.

Now, for those of you who don't live in the US, I don't know what your experience with alimony and child support laws are, but here in the USA, men are paying through the nose left and right for women to raise children, many of whom aren't even the progeny of the men in question. I could go on about this for a while, but suffice it to say that what I mentioned above is actually commonplace. Women will literally do anything to impregnate themselves and guarantee 18 years of money for nothing. They'll lie about being on the pill, puncture holes in condoms, etc.

So ... Tom Leykis has always advised men to put Tabasco sauce in their condoms if they're going to throw them in the garbage. For the women who try to access the contents of the condom despite its bloodlike appearance, Tabasco sauce apparently causes serious burns to labial and vaginal tissue. So, due to the screams, the man will know what the woman has done if she excuses herself to the bathroom after sex to "clean up", and most likely the woman will do anything she can to get the semen and the excruciating pain back out of her.

Well, at the end of last week, a guy (whose story has been confirmed, more on that later) called in to the show for the second time to follow up on a story he had told part of a few months earlier. Basically, the above had happened to him. A woman he had slept with had emptied the Tabasco/semen combo into herself and proceeded to run screaming out of the house ...

... and then she tried to sue the guy for trying to injure her! And since there was sex involved, it became the civil equivalent of a sexual assault charge! Now, again, for those of you outside the US, you might be thinking that no judge or jury in their right mind would award the woman anything, but that's not how it works in the US. Our vaunted justice system is so incredibly weighted to favor women, that this guy was in serious trouble. So he hired a good lawyer and appeared in court claiming that he had heard "the acid in Tabasco sauce acted as an effective spermicide". The judge bought the story, declared that a man can do anything he wants to his own bodily fluids, and threw out the case.

That's where the first part of the story ended a few months ago. At that time, the guy's lawyer was encouraging him to file a counter-suit to cover court costs and loss of time at work. So the guy called in last week to say that he had done just that. In addition to court costs and loss of time at work, the guy claimed that he was now suffering from sexual dysfunction due to the traumatic experience of having his sperm stolen by this woman, and that he now required prescription medication in order to get it up.

The suit never went to trial. The woman had a rich daddy and decided to settle out of court.

After paying his lawyer and court fees, the man walked away with ...


From a settlement.

Where there was no physical injury.

Completely unheard of.

And all thanks to Tom. icon_smile.gif

Definitely one of the best phone calls I've ever heard on the Tom Leykis show, or any other show for that matter. I was so happy at this news ... I couldn't stop grinning about it for hours. icon_biggrin.gif

A woman then called up to question whether the whole thing really ever happened or if the guy was just making it all up. So the guy blacked out the confidential information on the legal documents and faxed them in to the show, who then made the docs available to anyone who wanted to see them.

Man, that was such a good day.



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    Also this:

    I have no idea if this happened, but it is true that many people often forget that just because you "won" and got a bullshit accusation dropped, you didn't necessarily come off well. If this girl is rich and sued him for this bullshit, and he is middle class, the legal fees and time away from work and mental stress can still hurt massively. Always counter sue for wasted time and money if you think you've got a good shot at it. IANAL but from what I can tell a lot of people are just so happy to be done with it all and get on with their life, perhaps after a FRA or something similar, that they do not get justice for having their name dragged through the mud, put in jail for a bit, losing their job, etc.
    Few other tips though for controlling your seed. I wrote about this in a previous post, but I've got a friend who swears by dropping acetone or isopropyl alcohol into the condom afterwards. These are clear substances and literally every female bathroom has it near the mirror. Facial toner, make up remover for a high% alcohol, and nail polish remover for acetone. (Many more products have one of these as well). Hydrogen peroxide is also a solid bet for killing your sperm and many girls have it or a product containing it in their bathrooms as well.
    Alternatively, you can turn the water as hot as it will get and flood the condom. Not at all bulletproof but sperm is destroyed at hotter temperatures. It's pretty efficient / simple and what I used to do. 94 degrees F is sufficient, so turn the tap water on hot until its steaming and you are well over that amount.
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    And it's legit as well:

    Dear Cary,
    I am so glad you are a guy. I need to ask you something I’m too ashamed to ask my friends.

    I’m getting married in a month and a half to a sweet man who’s the love of my life, but last night he revealed something so hurtful I don’t know what to do. He says I’m overreacting and reading too much into this, but I can’t see any other interpretation. You are a guy and a sensitive person; I would appreciate your perspective.

    We were walking the dog and talking about his brother’s unkind, manipulative girlfriend who seems willing to do anything to get married. He mentioned that he’d heard some radio show host advise his listeners to add hot sauce to the contents of their used condoms, or to rinse them out entirely before disposal so sneaky women could not use them to get knocked up. I laughed and said the host sounded like an egomaniac who didn’t know a lot about reproduction, but then I noticed he wasn’t laughing with me.

    I said, Did you believe that guy? And he said, Yes. So I asked, Did you do that when we were together and using condoms? (I’m on different birth control now.) And he said, Well, yes.
    Cary, I am so hurt. What the hell? So after we made love all those times he’s off to the bathroom to wash out the condom so I can’t trick him into marrying me? What?
    He said lots of men do this and I’m making too big of a deal about it. He also said part of it was for sanitary reasons, that he didn’t want the trash to smell. He has OCD (that he doesn’t deal with), and a lot of the way it expresses itself is through cleanliness issues. I’m inclined to believe that was part of it, but still.

    This really hits a nerve for me. I grew up with an icky, manipulative alcoholic mom and have done a lot of work to be a woman I’m proud of. Am I making too big of a deal about this? Do lots of men do this and I’ve been in the dark? Regardless, should I marry a man who sees women this way? Or could it be more about his OCD, but he’s too ashamed or unaware to admit it?
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    This is why you cum in her mouth boys.
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    Loading sloppy seconds into herself is fucking disgusting, what ever happened to the good old stabbing the condom with a pin job? This can also work both ways, she could get her revenge by injecting a concoction of cyanide & vodka into new condoms, and place them in his glove compartment.
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    This is why you cum in her mouth boys.

    Next on the list.
    bornkiller wrote: »
    Loading sloppy seconds into herself is fucking disgusting, what ever happened to the good old stabbing the condom with a pin job? This can also work both ways, she could get her revenge by injecting a concoction of cyanide & vodka into new condoms, and place them in his glove compartment.

    Oh you dick, but you know it's sort of pointless if a girl does it.

    But srsly, avoid crazy bitches!
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