Got a projector :D BenQ MP 575

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Post about it:

Specifications here:
It's not brand new, I got it for around 100 USD. It's used but again not that much apparently. I do miss the HD aspect of it but it supports 1600x1200 which means 720p is possible but the native resolution works.
I won't say it's the best thing ever, but for me it works. I just need to find a screen and find some ceiling mounts and I would be good to go.
There are some issues, A) no lens cap B) no remote.
So that sucks but consider it was 999 USD when it came out and it would easily got for 200+ USD I don't mind.
I haven't paid the money YET, I am currently testing it.
Any thoughts?
I am going to use it to watch movies only. I already have a triple screen setup for gaming/work. I wanted something big so I can chill and watch a movie from time to time.
Also, the room is that big but I think it will work.
Feedback, suggestions!


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