Dating in the stone age, Experiment One, but honest

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This will be series of experiments which I will be conducting in PK, by using services such as Tinder, ooVoo, Kik to interact with local Pakistani women. I already posted this on Facebook, but I will post the uncensored version here, because you know, it's fucking Totseans.

Names, locations have been omitted.

Another day and another failed attempt. As you may notice I cancelled my plans to visit Philippines this year and moved them next year, and I also got a smart phone and decide to dip my fingers into the world of local dating.

My tools tinder, I got few matches and actually started talking to this one girl who as per rules I will not mention.

But to give you an overview, she is 5'10", fairly beautiful, interesting and loves baking, she is also, lazy, religious and has issues etc. Could be overweight or have issues with her looks, although doesn't mind taking selfies. Things a bit more about herself, rates her voice as lovely, gets into fits over religious matter, does have a tendency to force others to follow her belief system.

I knew this would be my first venture I have to go all out and see what happens, our talks which includes voice calls via ooVoo lasted for hours, it was fun talking to someone (in English of course), she would hint about this and that, like how we going to be forced into marriage with someone ugly etc, I could understand her sentiments and I agreed with them. I would in turn be random, troll from time to time and force her to open up (which she did but slowly)

She was willing to share her address with me so I can send her something (Basically some video courses via a USB) but what bothered me the most was her values. Can talk with a dude, tag him along but don't think it's wrong to mislead others?

Now consider this, you're talking to someone for hours daily right, and that someone has been an open book but you on the other hand can't for a single second show your face on video? I asked her before but today I was bit frustrated, it's the pacing that kills me, I cannot waste hours of my time on someone just doing it for fun or isn't committed or doesn't value YOU as a person.

So, I called her out, her responses weren't that shocking but still fun to read:

According to her, I am perverted, too open for her liking, someone she can't trust and on and on, always horny (ha) and not reserved.

And according to her, she is reserved, not used to this, can't really trust someone like me who is open in this fashion? (woah)

And I was reading the screen facepalming hard. She is 23 years old, so things can be forgiven, but if she had those reservation why go on for this long? Why not end it as soon as I went off the path?

Hell, half the time I was pretending and gauging her reactions, I did like her responses but come on, you can't spent your entire life with someone that is stuck in that state of mind. And doesn't for a second value your time? I mean I fucking earn, I got mountains of work to handle and responsibilities, she doesn't but yet she doesn't value things?

And the sad part is, she seemed better off than the rest of the girls you encounter and yet it failed, in a controlled fashion though.

If I continued with this, I would honestly have to waste 2-6 months in gaining her trust, basically talking to her via voice, and hoping to meet her someday, and then start actually dating, cross 8 month mark I would be too invested to look for alternatives.

Yes she could be insecure about her looks but come on, you can't tag a go along in this fashion, for that long, especially me. For me it's either you're in, or you're not. Also, I have a suspicion she had a weight issue, because that would explain everything, she is 5'10", that's a big girl, add to her not being into working out, and no love for having a strong body.. that sort of ties up everything, and to be honest that was the scary part. I was worried if I spent that much time she came out like omg the worst nightmares, then what! I do have her pictures via tinder but fuck me, a like video chat wouldn't kill you.

So I removed her from tinder, from ooVoo, said my goodbyes, apologized if I did something wrong, and then just like that, punched the air, screamed inside and said to myself, Dfg, move on to better things.

So, here I am writing this while preparing to go out for the walk, another day, another time. I will find someone that ticks eventually, my biggest concern is the level of compromise I can make for someone which I shouldn't but I am forced to do.

GOD, dating sucks here, it's like this,

Become Friends, then good friends, then wait till she is ready and then move on to relationship, and when that happens force for marriage and then go back to old schedule.

All I want is, some basic trust and understanding. I am not saying I am the best guy in the effing world, but considering how different my value system is, it just doesn't make sense.

So, for the next experiment, lie and lie and more lies. Ha, funny how things work here.

Tune in for the next installment of dating in stone age.


  • REBxVoDKaREBxVoDKa Semo-Regulars
    edited July 2014
    So I just read this story and I am so glad I don't live in Pakistan.

    Besides, if your assumptions were true, and she'd be fat.. well then you dodged a big, fat bullet, right? (pun intended)

    Having said that, I'm happy I live down here where everything works different.

    But then again, it's not like I'm actively dating or anything. I'm way too lazy. And yes, I know. That's a terrible excuse, but I'm stubborn as all hell.

    Can't wait for the next installment. Maybe include IDK, pictures maybe? Like you can blur out their faces and show concepts of the chats you've been having.

    It's just an idea, IDK. Makes the whole story a lot better.
  • DfgDfg Admin
    Sure, but I don't want the girls to find this website. You know that's dangerous.
  • REBxVoDKaREBxVoDKa Semo-Regulars
    I'm sure they won't be able to find image files of chat conversations. Our ladies aren't that smart at all. You can leave out the pictures of themselves even with their faces blurred out. Chat convos will do just fine.
  • DfgDfg Admin
    Sure, no problem. She wasn't that hot anyway lol, my dude totally raped me for this.
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