So Dfg what's going in your Country right now?

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I am glad you asked, currently I am bunkered in my home with no chance of actually going out. Two parties are conducting a long march, they're trying to end the oppressive Government. They have strong supporters and they're progressing towards the Capital at a steady pace.

Well, at least that's the plan, however the Government which consists of Assholes, dicks and fucking scums (excuse my French) is sparing no expense at stopping them, this includes barrage of rocks by their supporters, direct assault, wrong use of police and bomb threats.

Now you ask me why I am not going out and supporting them? Well, for starters I know it's going to be a bitch to get in there and chance of my survival will be minimum at best. Although I was born in this Country, I am NOT that patriotic enough to leave my house and my family behind and stand inline.

Also, although I support the March, the leaders haven't really talked about their full agenda sheet which makes me worried. Also, since one of them is in favor of strong religious reform THAT makes me more nervous.

So, yeah that's what's going on now. It will continue like this for a while, since they haven't reached the Capital yet.

You can view the Live Coverage:


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  • 2 years wait then I am free to move around.
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    Bro, there are universities all over the planet.
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    Imran Khan is PKs version of Schwarzenegger. He should stick to cricket, he is opening up a Pandora's box

    If the ME has shown us anything, it's that Military backed dictatorships have their problems but they are much better than the Islamic theocracies that follow a downfall.
  • ^True, but unfortunately this shithole is filled with corruption, so some cleansing is required and yes they're Universities all over the world, but it's cheaper, I have a higher chance of getting out of the system and hey I may just snatch the gold medal, plus everything is already planned.

    So, I would be chilling next year outside of Pakistan, but got to work this year hard.
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