Protestors Getting Massacred by Shelling and Police Brutality in the Capital, Women, Children affect

DfgDfg Admin[1] <-- You can see the live footage right now.

It’s been more than two weeks, the Prime Minister has been caught lying his ass off in the Parliament under oath, and protestors have given deadline after deadlines but the Government didn’t budge.

What people are asking is, WTF IS GOING NOW. They’re children, and women there and they’re shelling and hitting people and then arresting them for asking for their basic rights? Where the so-called NGO are, where are the International Programs that call for Human Rights? Where is the peace loving America?

These and tons of other questions are being asked by the citizens, this is an International Crisis atm, all hospitals in the region have been set to red alert, Ambulances can be seen attending to the victims, the whole field is covered with lethal gas, small children are being taken into cover. It’s just a mess, words can’t express the anger and rage I feel for the current Government, it’s just fucking unjust and it’s a damn shame the International Media is silent regarding this. Shows how things get nitpicked.

I will update this as things happen but currently I am just too upset to go on, this is just insane. There are kids there who are 7-14 months, in that region.

According to the Anchor the Government has declared WAR on its Citizen. WTF.

Expect massive Anarchy.


You know what's sad, the Supreme Court of Pakistan took notice of peoples clothes on the street and showed their anger on it, BUT fucking (sorry for the cursing) didn't bother when a 14 year old girl was gang raped and the rapists were RELEASED! And then she committed suicide because she didn't get justice, and then 22 people were killed this includes pregnant women shot point blank, and they didn't take notice.

I mean how cruel and inhuman do you have to be? I pray all of this culprits get bought to Justice because they're the real Terrorists, they're the real elements that create Terrorism.

The more I watch the live feed, the more I just get raged. The police has been caught on Camera firing straight into the crowd.

Update 2:

One woman dead from the firing. FUCK ME


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    sounds like a mess.

    Still zero news on this in the west, i suspect because most western countries support the current PK government.

    We'd be hearing about it if it was happening in some Iran-friendly nation.
  • sounds like a mess.

    Still zero news on this in the west, i suspect because most western countries support the current PK government.

    We'd be hearing about it if it was happening in some Iran-friendly nation.
    I have an uneasy feeling you're right.

    Update: 3

    Choudary Nisar the Interior Minister has ordered for action and accused the Protestors of trying to take over the buildings which is BS, since everything was being covered live and the protestors and their leaders assured they have no such intention, we're talking kids here.

    Today it's proof that DEMOCRACY DOES NOT EXIST IN PAKISTAN. The new rule will be Anarchy and murder.

    Update: 4

    45 Injured, 7 unconfirmed dead.

    Update: 5

    3 woman confirmed killed.

    Update: 6

    More than 100 injured, 7 killed (confirmed)

    Protestors are being cut off so they don't get help from others, Countrywide protests planned, heads will roll.

    Update: 7

    Hospital staff has been ordered not to disclose the injured or dead, also bodies of victims are being hidden so they can't be taken. This is just beyond insane.

    Update: 8

    PTI leader container is being bombarded with Shells and direct firing by Punjab Police, ARY the TV channel is getting dead threats, more than 100 injured, the numbers are from one Hospital.

    Country wide protests are up, projected dead toll may rise into hundreds.

    Update: 9

    Live firing is being conducted by the Police. Things are taking a turn for the worst.

    Update: 10

    Found a twitter account that calls itself a THINK TANK, it's actively tweeting news agencies and spreading misinformation and lies. 140 injured and counting.

    Update: 11

    Government think tanks spreading lies, Countrywide protests going on, Anarchy in full effect. Country heading towards lock down.

    Update: 12

    Police has been directed to arrest people who are injured from the hospital. Ha. More than 200 injured, 60 women and 7 toddlers. Still source just one Hospital out of others.

    Update: 13

    Wheel Jam declared by public transport.

    Karachi, main roads blocked by protestors.

    PTI leader heading to towards PM house, shelling still going on, the Red Zone is covered in thick smoke.

    Protesters are agitated and in bloodlust. Protesters out number police.

    Pakistani heading towards Anarchy, no sign of Army yet.

    I am heading to bed but this is going on and I fear thousands might get injured and at least <50 might get killed if things continue.

    Women, girls and boys are on the streets chanting for justice and freedom.

    People voicing their views against the daughter of the President who is making fun of the victims. Like wtf nawaz sharif&amp;src=tyah[2]

    Dead toll still unconfirmed.
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