How I came close to getting killed and losing everything thanks to my Mother

This like happened approx 30 mins ago and I just recovered from the mess. It started an hour ago when I ventured outside to take some snaps of the heavy rain which has been going for more than 16 hours, there were warnings about flood and whatnot and I was really worried, so around 3 am I went out and got some stunning pictures, there was water everywhere and I had this feeling of dread for others living in shabby homes.

So, I came back and yes I had my Z2 which is waterproof so I can whore it around in the rain. I got some food and I planned to watch something and then go to sleep. I came back the steps and boom.

THERE WAS FUCKING WATER EVERYWHERE, when I say everywhere I mean it was under my computer desk, in my room, under the POWER PLUGS and in the corridor it was below the voltage stabilizer that was powering the refrigerator. Now at this stage I am standing in water, as in fucking water, and keep in mind there was 99% chance I could get electrocuted.

But since I didn't, I threw whatever was in my end, grabbed nearest sheets (my bed sheets) threw them on the floor, ran downstairs, hit the circuit breaker, and cut off power, ran back, check the system, the plug had water under it but the system was running, with my heart beating like a mofo, I powered off the system, immediately powered the UPS off and then unplugged everything.

All of my things were basically getting raped by water but the level was low and it kept coming in, next I ran to the source of the water and in heavy rain I went to the drain and found...

A short story about my idiotic mum and her fucked up religious fucking beliefs. She feeds birds with seeds, now these seeds are small and she brings fucking pounds of bags. These bag she doesn't pick up and just leaves them on the terrace. It so happens that one of bag which was empty or not, got jammed into the pipe and there was fucking plant growing inside it as well. So, the water got stopped for good.

Thanks to that, my terrace basically became a fucking poll and the damn broke with devastating power.

Back to the story, I removed the bag and water came rushing in, and I threw it, I was in full on rage mode. But I kept my cool, I bang on the door, got my sister to help and with in 30 minutes of wiping and literally blowing things, I have finally recovered from what could have been a tragic loss because.

A) if I followed my old schedule, I would have been in deep sleep around 3 am.

B) No one in this fucking house is awake or pays any attention to what's going on around them.

C) I would have lost everything, that means my high-end, fucking expensive system with 16 TB of critical data.

D) My UPS and everything connected to it (easily worth, 10K).

E) And most of all my fucking life.

Because, I was the only one who was in danger, the water traveled from one door to my fucking door because it has a slight downward curve.

To take revenge because I am still fuming and this has to be the worst way to die, I mean getting fucking electrocuted in your fucking bed while sleeping, jesus. I have decided to throw all of her bird seeds outside and I have told her straight on that if I see any fucking bird seeds in the house, I will throw them out period.

Tomorrow, I am going to create a massive rage fest because this is unfortunately unacceptable and I cannot let it go especially since I came so close to losing everything.

So, yeah when it's raining outside do run some checks, and never trust your family, like never. Irony is that I actually went out to survey the damage and prepare for any floods, little did I know, I would be the fucking victim.
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