So, let's get in good shape.

Well, I am not that fit, nor do I have any Abs but I have been blessed by Lord Thor and his hammer has touched my soul and hence I have decided to dive into getting in decent shape.

Now the problem is, I stuck between two approaches. Both are great and the gains are worth noting.

For example using the body weight exercises you go from this:

15 year old skinny dude:


To this in 7 months:




And the routine this dude followed is simple,

Eat well, avoid junk food and use this routine.

Chest/Triceps/Shoulder- Monday, Wednesday, Friday,

10 Wide Pushups (4 sets)

10 Diamond Pushups (3 sets)

10 Decline Pushups (3 sets)

15 Bench Dips (3 sets)

10 Close Pushups on Knuckles (3 sets)

8 Assisted Handstand Pushups (3 sets)

10 Hands Elevated Pushups (3 sets)

Back/Biceps/Abs- Tuesday, Thursday,

10 Wide Pull Ups (3 sets)

10 Close Chin Ups (3 sets)

10 Normal Pull Ups (3 sets

10 Inverted Shrugs (3 sets)

5 assisted one arm pull ups (3 sets each side)

15 crunches (3 sets)

40 second flutter kicks (3 sets)

20 Heel Touches (3 sets)

15 Hanging Leg Raises (3 sets)

Legs- Saturday

6 Pistol Squats (3 sets each side)

10 Bulgarian Split Squat (3 sets each side)

20 Squats (3 sets)

20 Heel Raises (3 sets)

Rest- Sunday

Each set has 10 reps and then rest for a minute.

Now this is inspirational and I am really excited to try that.

You can read more about it here:

Hit the FAQ section.

Now there is another approach which I am trying but I just discovered the body weight results and I just started so I am going to venture into the hybrid zone.




Legs Workouts:











Ankle On The Knee

Calf Stretch Elbows Against Wall



Air Bike

3/4 Sit Up

Hands over head

Cross-Body Crunch

Alternate Heel Touchers

Upper body Shoulders: Biceps

Alternate Incline Dumbbell Curl

Alternating Deltoid Raise



Lower back;

I know it's extensive, I just started with 5 reps per 3 sets with leg workout. Which took a while but since I am learning and experimenting, I made sure to go slow.

Now, I want to add the complete routine from body weight and then compliment it with Dumb bells and then bar bells. It's quite easy and will take 1 month before I get into a routine. If I keep my projected routine in place and eat well, I can bulk up and gain good muscles in a short amount of time.

That kid has a lot of advantage but I am hoping to beat this time and get some decent gains in 5-6 months!

Anyone into working out, post!


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